• SCIENCE Sequence Possibilities at Drake


    9th GRADE

    10TH GRADE

    11TH GRADE

    12TH GRADE


    Physics in the Universe

    The Living Earth (Biology)

    Chemistry in the Earth System

    AP Chemistry




    Environmental Science


    Environmental Science




    Environmental Science

    AP Environmental Science



     AP Chemistry

    AP Biology

         Bio Medical Science  Bio Medical Science

    All students are required to complete PhUn, Biology: The Living Earth and Chemistry for graduation.

    Students may take more than one science course in any given year, depending

    on their interests, math placement, and teacher recommendations.


    Chemistry has a pre-requisite of placement in or completion of Advanced Algebra.

    Chemistry is a pre-requisite for AP Chemistry.


    AP Environmental Science is taught only within the SEA-Disc Academy.

    Bio Medical Science has a prerequisite of Chemistry and/or Physiology.

    AP Biology has a prerequisite of Chemistry and/or Physiology.


    AP/Honors offerings - see AP/Honors Matrix on Drake website under Resources for Students.



    Students: Please speak directly to your Counselor and your science teacher with questions

    about the path that is best for you based on your specific goals & abilities.


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