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    ESEA School Choice

    The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) School Choice transfer option is available for Tamalpais Union High School students who attend a school that has not met one or more of its identified Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) achievement targets for at least two years in a row.  In compliance with federal law, students attending a Title I school identified as Program Improvement (PI) will be notified and provided an opportunity to apply to attend a designated non-program improvement school in the district, and transportation will be provided within district guidelines. It is important to note that this is a year-by-year program with limited funding.


    ESEA School Choice Transfer Guidelines

    • Enrollment is limited and will not be granted if the number of requests exceeds the available funding for transportation. If demand for ESEA School Choice and related transportation costs exceeds the funds available, priority will be given to the lowest achieving students from low-income families.  
    • Transportation is not provided to students who reside within one (1) mile of the receiving school.  
    • When the neighborhood school meets its AYP for two consecutive years, students enrolled at a non-PI school will no longer be eligible for transportation. They may continue to attend the school until the highest-grade level, but transportation will cease.
    • Students on an ESEA School Choice transfer will not be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) provided at schools designated as Program Improvement.
    • Parent preference is considered, but the District makes the final decision for school placement.   
    • California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rules apply regarding athletic eligibility. Please see the link below for more information or contact Nate Severin, Drake Athletic Director


    Projected 2015-2016 Program Improvement Schools and Transfer Options


    The Federal Government, under the No-Child-Left-Behind legislation, set the expectation that 100% of all students in our country would reach “proficient” or higher on state mandated tests by the year 2014.  Additionally, 95% of the students in each school and in each subgroup must participate in statewide testing.  TUHSD did not meet participation rates on state tests for 2014-2015.


    If you would like to apply for a school choice transfer, please complete the form below and return to: Bev Alvarez, District Office, Educational Services, 395 Doherty Drive, Larkspur, CA 94939


    1.     STUDENT INFORMATION: Please print clearly

    Last name:


    First name:



    Home address:



    School currently attending:

    Sir Francis Drake High School



    Grade level for 2015-2016:



    TUHSD Student identification number:



    Parent/Guardian-Last name:


    Parent/Guardian-First name:



    Parent/Guardian phone #:



    Secondary phone #:




    Parent/Guardian-Last name:

    Parent/Guardian-First name:




    Parent/Guardian phone #:


    Secondary phone #:




    2.     Text Box: Please circle your school of choice: 
Tamalpais 		Redwood 		San Andreas 		Tamiscal

Will you require transportation to your school of choice:  _____yes _______no
(transportation will be provided to and from Drake HS, not student residence)


    Deadline to apply: August 17, 2015 at 4pm.


    For questions please contact:

    Tara Taupier                                        ttaupier@tamdistrict.org

    Asst. Superintendent                         415-945-1055

    Educational Service                                     


    Kim Stiffler                                             kstiffler@tamdistrict.org

    Sr. Director                                            415-945-1050

    Curriculum & Instruction