• Drake Fields Communications Plan

    September 2015


    To include the community of stakeholders in order to gather input on the Drake football field turf to form a recommendation presented to the TUHSD Board of Trustees for discussion and action.


    We believe it is important to involve all stakeholders to help weigh all factors in order to make an informed decision in order to best suit the needs of the students, the school, the environment and our community. Through the use on an online communication page, online input and four community/student meetings, information will be gathered so a recommendation can be made to the TUHSD Board of Trustees that reflects the will of the community on the issue of turf fields at Drake High School


    1) Develop an information page on the Drake Website with this communication plan, information on the turf options and communication from meetings and online input. This will also include a disposal plan for the current turf. Website will be operational by 9/30/15.

    2) Host three community meetings (Drake Talks: The Fields) at Drake that will be open to all community members, including the staff and students.  These will be concluded by January.

       a)   Notes from these meetings will be collected and posted on the Drake High website.

       b)   Meetings will be facilitated by Drake administration and possibly attended by TUHSD district administration.

       c)   One student Senate meeting will also provide an opportunity for the student body of DHS to give input.

    3) The three meetings will each have a discussion theme in order to give an opportunity for all sides to be heard:

       a)  October 15th from 6:30 – 7:30 PM– Discuss synthetic turf options

       b)  November 19th from 4:00 – 5:00 PM – Discuss grass turn options

       c)  December 10th from 7:00 – 8:00 PM – Open Forum and synthesis of issues and suggestions.

    4) Publicize the meetings and give opportunity for input via online input (Google survey) for those who cannot make the meetings. This survey will be public between November 19 and December 10.

    5) Decision Making Process for Recommendation:

       a) Gather input from all three meetings and post online

       b) At final meeting all input will be shared.

       c) From notes, the Drake and district administration will make a recommendation that best reflects the community input                  and a recommendation will be made and communicated on the Drake website.

       d) A recommendation will be presented to the TUHSD Board of Trustees for discussion and action.