• World Cultures and Geography

    Mr. David Plescia

    Fall 2019


    Course Objectives

            Welcome to World Cultures and Geography.  In this class you will gain an understanding and respect for the diverse cultures of the world and gain insight to the earth’s physical characteristics.  Students will examine how the physical geography influences history and society as well as how the  cultural geography of various regions continues to influence current events. Class activities will be diverse and challenging in order to engage all students’ interests.  Students will explore the concept of globalization, and see how the actions of cultures across the globe are increasingly affecting the world's physical and human environment.  By the end of the semester, all students will have attained a greater knowledge and appreciation for the world’s geographical and cultural make-up.

    Text Book

            World Geography Building a Global Perspective

            Google Earth & Home Atlas

    Classroom Expectations

    1)   Respect others and their property

    2)   Respect the teacher

    3)   Always be on time

    4)   Bring a pen and paper to class every day

    5)   No eating in class

    6)   Inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and those students will be sent to the principal’s office


            If a student knows he or she will not be attending class on a specific day(s) he or she should notify the teacher prior to their absence.

       Grade Scale__(+/-)                                                               Graded Assignments

            90% - 100%  = A                                                                               Tests – 40%

                  80% -   89%  = B                                                               Classwork/Homework – 20%

                        70% -   79%  = C                                                                       Maps & Projects – 20%       

            60% -   69%  = D                                                                                  Final – 15%

                         0% -   59%  = F                                                                                   Participation –  5%

    Unit Topics

    Introduction to Cultural and Geography

    Latin America



    If you need to get in contact with me at anytime throughout the semester you can reach me at 924-6200 ext. 6280, or email dplescia@tamdistrict.org.  Many assignments can also be found online at http://www.tamdistrict.org/dplescia  

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