• First-Time Freshman Admission Requirements
    You are eligible for admission if you:
    • Have or will have graduated from high school, and

    • Meet the eligibility requirements with your GPA and Test Scores (see formula below), and

    • Have or will have completed, with a grade of C or better, a pattern of courses (“a-g requirements”) that total 15 units.  A “unit” is one year of study in high school.

    (note: you may be required to meet higher admission requirements for impacted campuses or programs. See Impacted … below)

    Subject Requirements:  Students wishing to attend the CSU must meet the following “a-g” subject requirements with a grade of C or better:

    a.  History/Social Science

    Two years of history/social science, including one year of U.S. history or one semester of U.S. history and one semester of civics or American government and one year of social science.

    b. English

    Four years of English, which can include not more than one year of ESL/ELD courses.

    c. Math

    Three years of math (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry); four years recommended.

    d. Lab Science

    Two years of lab science, including one year of physical science and one year of biological science; one of which must be from the “d” subject area with the other from either the “d” or “g” area.

    e. Language Other Than English

    Two years of a language other than English.  Both years must be in the same language.

    f.  Visual & Performing Arts

    One year Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) from a single yearlong course selected from a single VPA discipline: dance/theatre, music or visual art.

    g.  Electives

    One year in addition to those required in “a-f” above, chosen from the following areas: VPA (non-introductory-level courses), history, social science, English, advanced mathematics, lab science, and language other than English (a third year in the language used for the “e” requirement or two years of another language).  Agricultural courses traditionally accepted by the CSU that are not on the “a-g” list will be considered on a course-by-course basis.  

    High School GPA: Calculate GPA using only “a-g” approved courses taken after the 9th grade. Refer to your official transcript or go to www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_school/gpa_calculator.asp.
    Honors Courses: Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB). The grades in these courses are assigned extra points: “A”=5, “B”=4, “C”=3.  A maximum of 8 extra points are allowed for approved honors courses.  A maximum of 2 of these units can be completed in the 10th grade.
    Standardized Tests:  The ACT or SAT Reasoning Test is required for admission to CSU’s.  Make sure that the campus you are applying to receives an official copy of your test results directly from ACT or The College Board, after self reporting on the application.   Students are encouraged to take standardized tests as early as possible and check with the campus of interest for test requirements and deadlines.   Listing CSU Mentor’s Institutional Code 3594 on SAT score report will send scores to all CSU campuses for one price.  
    If you have listed a CSU campus as an ACT score report recipient, you can use the ACT Scores Manager to release your score to additional campuses.  Before you can use the ACT Scores Manager, you must first have arranged for your scores to be sent to a CSU campus.  Learn how to request this at www.actstudent.org/scores/send/index.html.  

    Official TOEFL and Advancement Placement exam results should be sent directly to the CSU campus admission office. 

    CSU campuses will superscore your ACT and SAT scores from multiple test dates.

    Eligibility Index

    Use this formula to see if your grade point average (GPA) and standardized test scores meet the required eligibility index.

    SAT Scores: (GPA x 800) + your SAT Total (not including writing)

    ACT Scores: (GPA x 200) + 10x your ACT Composite ( not including writing)

    (note: Your HS GPA = all approved “a-g” courses taken in 10th, 11th and 12th grades)

    California residents must have a minimum index of 2900 using SAT scores and 694 using ACT scores.

    California Resident Eligibility Index Examples:
    GPA         ACT Composite Score      SAT Total Score
    3.0            No minimum score required
    2.8             14                                        660
    2.6             18                                        820
    2.4             22                                        980
    2.2             26                                        1140
    2.0             30                                        1300

    The complete Eligibility Index tables for California resident and non-resident students are available at www.csumentor.edu. Click on “Plan for College”

    Admission Impaction: Many CSU campuses receive more applications than can be accommodated and are designated “impacted campuses.” Students should check to determine if a more selective admissions criteria or higher eligibility index for admissions at these campuses will be used. There may also be an additional application process for a campus that admits by major.  See www.calstate.edu/sas/impactioninfo.shtml.  
    No Essay/Personal Statement is required or accepted for admission to CSU’s.

    No letters of recommendation are required or accepted for admission to CSU’s.

    Miscellaneous Information
    Early Assessment Program (EAP): The EAP is an academic preparation program that helps high school students determine English and math college readiness before they are admitted to the CSU.  The EAP is a voluntary test offered to 11th grade students in conjunction with the California Standards Tests (CSTs).  
    Placement Tests:  The CSU requires you to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam prior to enrollment in the CSU unless you are exempt by means of scores earned on the EAP, SAT, ACT or AP tests. The EPT and the ELM are not admission tests; instead, they determine eligibility to enroll in specific courses at the CSU.  You may take the EPT, ELM or both at a campus near you or where you plan to enroll.  
    The CSU Early Start Program requires students who do not perform well on tests, or are not exempt by other means, to strengthen their English and/or math skills the summer before enrolling in your freshman year.  For further information regarding Early Start, contact the CSU you plan to attend, or visit www.csucuccess.org/earlystart.

    Exemption from English Placement Test (EPT):  A score of 500 or better on the SAT (critical reading) or 22 on the English part of the ACT will exempt you from the EPT.  A score of “exempt” or “ready for college level English classes” on the CSU Early Assessment of Readiness for College English based upon the EAP (see above).

    Exemption from Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM):  A score of 550 or higher on the SAT Mathematics or 23 on the Math part of the ACT will expmt you from the ELM.  A score of “exempt” on the CSU Early Assessment of Readiness for College Math, or a score of “conditionally exempt” if you successfully completed an approved course in 12th grade.  (see EAP above)

    Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
    The EOP program helps increase access and academic success of California’s educationally and economically disadvantaged students at all CSU campus.  EOP students are teamed with academic advisors/counselors who help them develop an academic road map, review goals and ensure academic success through tutoring, workshops, Summer Bridge preparatory program and grants.  

    To qualify for EOP, a student must:  be a California resident or quality for an AB 540 non resident tuition exemption; be a first-time freshman or upper-division transfer student; have a history of low family income.  For a complete listing of guidelines and to apply, go to www.calstate.edu/eop.