Discuss finances: The sooner the better!  Don’t get emotionally attached to a school that sets you or your family up for financial ruin!!!  Review the Student Loan Calculator for estimates on potential debt, payments and salary needed to make those payments.  
    Choosing which school to attend is one of the biggest financial decisions that many people will ever make. Why are some schools making it harder to compare the potential costs?  This article has a terrific calculator which allows parents to compare costs of three different schools. 


    This tool allows families to compare estimated net prices for several schools.  It is very helpful in terms of financial decisions making.
    7/9/2015 - NYT Excerpt

    At the same time, the benefits of a college diploma are starkly apparent. As of January, the unemployment rate for Americans who hadn’t finished high school was 8.5 percent. For those who had finished high school but not their secondary education, it was 5.4 percent. But among college grads, this figure was only 2.8 percent. There is the often-cited disparity in earnings as well: In 2012, young adults without a high-school degree earned a median income of $22,900, while those with a high-school degree earned $30,000 and those with a college degree earned $46,900.



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