by Amanda Ripley

    Ms Ripley, a journalist, enlisted three American students to provide feedback from their experiences in Finland, Poland and Korea (as exchange students).  There were a few highlights that struck me as interesting:

    • Most important finding for parents to do in terms of school involvement:  “Read. It’s that simple. If parents – both mothers and fathers – don’t like to read novels, say, but prefer to read newspapers and magazines, that’s fine. What is important is showing children – of all ages – that reading is a daily, enjoyable, valuable activity, and that it is made even more pleasurable when people discuss what they have read with others.”
    • Schools exist to help kids learn to think, to work hard, and yes, to fail.  That is the core consensus that makes all else possible.  Winston Churchill said: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
    • In Australia, researchers found that teenagers' aspirations at age 15 could predict their futures.  Kids with high expectations go to college

    Posted by Sheila Souder on 4/25/2016.