• Taking Courses for Credit Outside of Redwood

    According to TUHSD BP and AR 6146.1, students will receive credit for coursework done in other institutions provided the course is in a subject included in the district’s areas of study- English, Social Sciences, World Languages, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, Visual and Performing Arts, or Applied Tech. 

    No more than 20 credits of the total required for graduation may be earned through alternative methods, except for credit earned in a juvenile court school or private world language instruction. Exceptions to this limit must be approved by the principal.

    Student’s roles: In order to find the right course, the student should:

    • Make sure the course is approved by UC/CSU approved, listed here
    • Make sure the course aligns with our TUHSD district adopted course standards
    • Make sure the course is NCAA approved if considering college level sports in the future

    Procedure to Acquire Alternative Credits Toward Graduation

    1. The student/family makes a written request using form E(1) 6146.11,Request for Alternate Credits Towards Graduation from their high school counselor prior to enrolling in the course.
    2. The student/family is responsible for submitting additional course descriptions and/or courses of study as required by the district in order to determine whether or not a particular course may be taken to meet a graduation requirement.
    3. The student's high school Principal must approve the request.
    4. If coursework is undertaken at a credit issuing institution, it is the student's responsibility to make proper arrangements with the institution for enrollment and transfer of credit. The transcript should be sent to the student's high school of attendance.
    5. If the coursework is being submitted for district evaluation and issuing of credit, it is the student's responsibility to provide documentation of the completion of the coursework and, if requested, examples of work.

    If a course is approved by the principal via the written request process, once completed, the course will be accepted by UC as meeting the requirements as referenced in this UC Freshman Admissions guide under the section labeled Principal Certification. The course can be added to the transcript or the student can self-report with their UC/CSU application by requesting a transcript from the online publisher.

    TUHSD Edgenuity UC Approved Course List

    NGSS Science Course FAQ

Students can choose any program that is approved through the UC A-G List. Here are the most common programs RHS students have enrolled in:


    In order for courses to be added to the current school year, RHS must receive an official transcript no later than May 15th.  

    Students taking a course over the summer to enroll in a higher level class or to meet a prerequisite must send an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT by August 15th.  Course placement will be based on available space and is not guaranteed. 

    Redwood High School

    Attention: Diana Fernandez

    Records Secretary

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    Official transcripts can also be sent to dfernandez@tamdistrict.org