• Redwood Swimming and Diving 2021

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    The season will begin on Monday,  Feb. 22 at 3:00 at the Redwood Pool.  

    The first week of the Season will be dedicated to tryouts by appointment in the following manner:


    Monday,  Feb. 22, at 3:00 Girls w Last Name A-L will tryout. 

    Tuesday,  Feb. 23 at 3:00 Girls w Last Name M-Z will tryout

    Wednesday,  Feb. 24 @ 3:00 Boys w Last Name A-Z will tryout. 

    Thursday,  Feb 25 @ 3:00 All Missed Appointments and Late Registrations

    Friday,  Feb. 26 Cuts will be announced and Workout Groupings Posted


    Tryouts will be limited to those Swimmers who are properly registered on the Register My Athlete System.  A proper registration requires that an Athlete have a Physical and the Doctor must sign off and then attach that sign off to their profile.  An incomplete registration will result in an athlete not being able to Swim.  Due to COVID requirements we will for the first time make cuts to the Redwood Swim Team.  Please note that previous participation on the team does not guarantee that you will have a place this year...this is an unfortuante reality.


    COVID Protocols must be observed at all times and include;  Masking,  Distancing,  Daily Electronic Check In,  no more than 2 swimmers per lane,  no deck changing,  no locker room access,  limited bathroom availability.  Swimmers will arrive in their suits on and leave with their suits on.  


    Tryouts will require Swimmers to swim all four strokes at various distances:  A 100 Free & a 50 of Each Stroke (Or 1 X 200 IM).   6 Lanes will be dedicated to racing and 6 will be dedicated to warming down. Following each of the required Swims,  Swimmers will exit the lane at the opposite end of the pool and then prepare for their next swim.  If on the deck,  Swimmers must remain masked and socially distanced.  

    First Week/ Try Outs Daily Flow will look something like this: 

    Swimmers Lining Up and remaining Masked and Distanced. 

    Swimmers will be asked to fill out an informational Questionaire

    An Electronic Check In Before the Gate

    A Physical Check In at the Gate

    Swimmers will Pick or be Assigned a Lane to Warm Up in (2 Per Lane)

    Following a Self or Guided Warmup, Swimmers will begin Tryouts. 

    Again, when done with a Swim,  exit the pool at the opposite end.


    QUESTIONS:  please email redwoodswimming@gmail.com