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  • What is the Wellness Center?

    The Redwood Wellness Center works with the Counseling Department to expand existing support services for students. We help to coordinate and provide health, mental health, reproductive health, and substance abuse services and programs for Redwood students on campus. We offer both direct services as well as prevention and education for students including health and wellness classroom presentations and school wide health education events. 
    What kinds of issues does the Wellness Center address?
    The Wellness Center addresses a wide variety of issues (for free and confidentially) such as:
    • Stress
    • Depression & Suicide
    • Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions
    • Sexual Harassment Issues
    • Family Issues 
    • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    • Chronic Illness
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Sexual Health
    • Pregnancy & Birth Control
    • Peer Relationships
    • Anxiety
    • Cultural Adjustment & Identity Issues
    • Offsite Resources & Referrals

     How do I refer a student to the Redwood Wellness Center?

    Teachers/staff can refer a student by contacting the student's School Counselor. They will let you know if you should complete a Wellness Support Request form, which are located in the main attendance and counseling offices and are also available HERE.
    Parents/guardians can refer students via their School Counselor, calling 415-945-3663, emailing sdewoody@tamdistrict.org, or dropping by the Wellness Center to talk directly to staff there.
    Students can refer themselves or a friend through their School Counselor or by coming directly to the Wellness Center and talking to staff there.
    Who is on the Wellness team?

    In addition, we have developed partnerships with Family Works, Huckleberry Youth Programs, San Francisco State University, Dominican University, Family Service Agency, UC Berkeley, and Marin Community Clinics to bring over 10 additional providers on campus each week to provide individual counseling, substance use counseling, and nursing services.