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Public Records Requests


The Board of Trustees recognizes the right of members of the public to have access to public records of the district. The district shall provide any person reasonable access to the public records of the schools and district during normal business hours and within the requirements of law. Public access shall not be given to records listed as exempt from public disclosure in the California Public Records Act (CPRA) and other state or federal law. Government Code 7920 et seq.


We are exempt from disclosing certain public records or portions of public records.

Here is a partial list of exempt documents:

  • Personnel records, medical records, or similar materials
  • Student records, except directory information and other records to the extent permitted by law and district policy
  • Test questions, scoring keys, and other examination data except as provided by law
  • Recall petitions, petitions for special elections to fill Board vacancies, or petitions for the reorganization of the school district
  • Minutes of Board meetings held in closed session
  • Information security records
  • Records that contain individually identifiable health information

Additionally, the district is exempt from disclosing any other records listed as exempt from public disclosure in the California Public Records Act or other statutes or any other records for which the district can demonstrate that, based on the particular facts of the case, the public interest served by not disclosing the record clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the record Government Code 7922


All public records requests should be made in writing.  The district will respond within ten days to acknowledge receipt of the request and provide a timeline when the information can reasonably be disclosed.  Records will be provided electronically unless otherwise noted.

Please send the request to Karmela Cleary ( and include:

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • Organization
  • Records Requested (please be as specific as possible)
  • Reason for request