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Eligibility & Process Overview

Student and families should contact the College Board directly for any information on the accommodation approval process. Please find resources and general information below. The approval process can take up to seven weeks, so please start this process early.

A. Who is Eligbile?

For  College Board requirements for accommodations eligibility, click here.  In general, students approved by SSD for College Board testing accommodations meet the  criteria discussed below:

  1. Student has a documented disability
  2. Participation in a College Board Exam is Impacted
  3. Requested Accommodation is Needed
  4. Accommodation is Received on School Tests

B.   How does a student/family submit a request for testing accommodations?

  1. Visit the College Board Calendar for specific test dates and the associated deadlines.
  2. Complete the Student Eligibility Form  (Click HERE for directions)

    Mail or fax the completed form with required documentation of the student's disability and need  for accommodations to the College Board SSD Program.  Submittal of these forms is the responsiblity of the family, and are not submitted by the Tamalpais Union High School District.

    College Board SSD Program
    P.O. Box 7504
    London, KY 40742-7504                 

     Fax: 866-360-0114

  3. Compile the required documentation of student's disability and need for accommodations.  Processing of your testing accommodation request will not begin until the College Board has received all  necessary documentation.

C.   How will the student/family be notified if the request was approved?

Most students are mailed a decision letter explaining the approved accommodations or the reasons for denial. 

D.  What if the request is denied?

Testing Accommodations requests are sometimes not fully approved, usually due to more information being needed, documentation does not support the requested accommodations, or the request has been partially approved. Review the decision letter from College Board and take the appropriate next steps.


If you are a transfer student and have testing accommodations that were approved by the College Board while you attended your other school, it is important to notify the College Board of the change.