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Work Order Process


This procedure applies to work order requests to the Maintenance and Operations Department and outlines how the Maintenance Department will respond to that request.


It is the responsibility of the Director of Maintenance and Operations to direct, administer, and approve the operational steps of this procedure and maintain all documentation.


  • A means of communication of maintenance, repair, installation needs from approved building staff to the Maintenance Department.
  • A document received at the Maintenance and Operations Department via the Internet.
  • A scheduling tool for the tradesmen.
  • A tool for reporting time and materials expended on a particular job.


  1. As maintenance and repair work is needed for existing systems and equipment already in place, personnel shall notify the authorized delegate (administrators, lead custodian) at each site, who will input a “request” for the work needed into the Maintenance Direct system.
  2. The work order request is reviewed and if approved, is assigned, printed and distributed to the appropriate tradesman. If the work order is not approved, its status is changed to “declined, void.”
  3. The tradesman shall complete the information on the work order and return the completed work order to the Maintenance Department.
    The minimum information required on the hard copy of the completed work order is as follows:
    • Employee Name
    • Dates and hours work performed
    • Materials purchased (if applicable), including date purchased, invoice number, vendor name, unit cost.
    • Tradesman’s signature who performed the work.
    • Authorized signature verifying work was complete.
    • Date of completion of work order.
  4. The Maintenance Director or designee will retrieve the hard copy of the work order and electronically perform the following:
    • Enter dates and hours performed
    • Enter total cost of materials purchased
    • Enter vendor/contractor name
    • Change work order status from “work in progress” to “complete”
    • File hard copy of work order