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The Tamalpais Union High School District Adult School serves local, state and national interests by providing educational opportunities and support services to all adults in our community. Our programs address the distinctive and developing needs of individuals and communities in our district by providing adults with the information and proficiencies essential to participate successfully as dynamic citizens, employees, and family members in Marin County.

State funding sustains our school based on average daily attendance (ADA), which equals 525 hours of student attendance per unit of ADA. Classes categorized in the following program areas can be funded by state apportionment:

Tamalpais Adult School also participates in the federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, enacted as Title II of the Workforce Investment Act which provides federal funding to supplement adult education programs in both public and private non-profit institutions. These funds supplement Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) programs. The goal of this program is to enable adults to become more employable, productive, and responsible citizens through literacy.

We invite you to give us feedback about our web site and our classes to help us plan for the future. If you have an idea please call our office at (415) 945-3780.