STUDENT ____________________________ COURSE: ADVISORY 70438


I. Student Learning Outcomes:

The purpose of Advisory is to help students succeed by teaching them skills that enhance performance in school and life, by increasing their commitment to their school and community, and by helping them develop greater awareness of connections between school and the future. Advisory is an integral piece in helping the school achieve the ten system outcomes designated by the District. Student learning outcomes include: An increased knowledge to school-to-work and postsecondary opportunities; improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication skills; an increased ability to achieve academic success, set and achieve goals; increased awareness of significant contemporary issues; gain an understanding of ethics and their application in living in the 21st century.

II. Activities:

Students will participate in small group discussion, speakers, projects, writing essays and journals, maintaining individual progress records (goals, time management, etc), cooperative problem solving, and role playing.

III. Resources:

Students will read from a selection of texts including those on the study of ethics, biographies and autobiographies, stress management techniques; the internet and district and county publications.

IV. Assessment:

Students will be evaluated and graded based on their participation in class discussions and activities both on and off campus. Completion of journals and other writing assignments are also a part of the grading criteria.

V. Duration:

This agreement is effective until the end of the current semester. The class may be taken for the entire year.

VI. Progress Monitoring:

Student progress will be posted periodically (to be determined at the beginning of the semester) on eSchoolPlus website. Grades will be based on work turned in as well as a participation grade at the end of each grading period and at the semester mark. Credit in this class will be based on 15 hours = 1 credit with 75 hours earning 5 credits of elective.


I accept the terms of this agreement:

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