STUDENT _________________________________ COURSE 10550: AP English Language Composition


Advanced Placement English Language/Composition 1st Semester - Honors


I. Student Learning Outcomes
All Tamiscal courses share the purpose of helping the student read, write, speak, and solve problems effectively.& All courses within the English Department are designed to aid the student in developing to a higher level his skills in organizing his ideas, interpreting and applying what he reads, and in choosing words, punctuation and spellings that will allow him to explain to others his theories and ideas about what he reads and about life.

Students will learn and practice the steps in the writing process. Students will develop vocabulary, identify details, central idea, infer and generalize in reading. Students will read and interpret and analyze works of fiction.

II. Activities
Students will follow the assigments of the AP course curriculum as provided through Apex Learning On line.

III. Resources
Students will use the course materials provided by Apex Learning

IV. Assessment
Students will take the quizzes and exams on line as provided by Apex Learning.

V. Duration
The agreement is effective until the end of the current semester.

VI. Progress Monitoring
Progress will be monitored on line weekly by the AP mentor. Students agree that if they fall behind in a course, they will come in to Tamiscal for three two-hour sessions each week until they are caught up.

Grades and credits will be reported at the quarter and end of the semester.

I accept the terms of this agreement

Student __________________________________________ Date Started _________________

Supervising Teacher ________________________________ Date Completed _______________

Other Staff _______________________________________

Parent __________________________________________

Credits Attempted _____________ Credits Earned _______________ Final Grade_____________