STUDENT _______________________________ COURSE 20210: AP United States History (1)

Advanced Placement United States History: Semester 1 (Fall)

I. Student Learning Outcomes
Students will be prepared to earn a passing score of three (3) or better on the College Board AP US History Exam. Students will analyze significant issues and conflicts during major periods of US history, taking into account multiple perspectives. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of topical eras according to chronologically history as well as recurring themes throughout the study of time periods.

II. Activities

III. Course Content: Semester 1
Students will build a systematic base of factual knowledge of United States History from Native Americans’ first encounter with Europeans through Industrialization of the Gilded Age.

IV. Resources
The adopted text is America’s History, by Henretta (Bedford/St. Martin’s Press)
Primary resources are drawn from a variety of sources.
Library and reference sources include various books, magazines, documentary film, atlases, almanacs, and the Internet.

V. Assessment
Students will be assessed on the learning outcomes primarily by multiple choice exams and essays. Grading will be based on these scores as well as on student notebooks and class participation.

VI. Duration
The agreement is effective until the end of the Fall semester.

VII. Progress Monitoring
Progress will be monitored weekly by teacher and reported through trimester grading periods.

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