STUDENT _________________________________ COURSE 60322 CERAMICS - spring section

I. Student Learning Outcomes

II. Activities

III. Resources
Demonstration, individualized instruction, art materials, museums, galleries.

IV. Assessment
For the purposes of evaluation and grading during the course, the following methods may be used: weekly assignments; projects; art work; written reports; presentations; participation; quizzes and exams. Students will be informed of the grading criteria at the beginning of each semester.

V. Duration
The agreement is effective until the end of the current semester.

VI. Progress Monitoring
Progress will be monitored at weekly meetings; therefore, attendance is required. Missed appointments, tests, and assignments will result in partial course credits and may result in required attendance to Supervised Independent Study (SIS).

Grades and credits will be reported three times during the semester.

I accept the terms of this agreement

Student __________________________________________ Date Started _________________

Supervising Teacher ________________________________ Date Completed _______________

Other Staff _______________________________________

Parent __________________________________________

Credits Attempted _____________ Credits Earned _______________ Final Grade_____________