STUDENT_____________________________ COURSE 20090: PHILOSOPHY

I. Student Learning Outcomes
All Tamiscal courses share the purpose of helping the student read, write, speak, and solve problems effectively. All courses within the Social Studies Department work toward developing the student�s ability to learn from the events, ways of life, and ways of thinking of peoples from different times and places. Emphasis is on using lessons from history to understand the present and to develop personal philosophies rather than on isolated memorization of fact.

Students will (1) demonstrate, through the use of on-demand tests and performance assessments, their understanding of how the major philosophers have dealt with such concepts as Faith, Truth, The Good Life, Wisdon, God, Knowlege, Immortality, Ethics, Religion, Justice, Beauty, Intuition, Reality, and Illusion; (2) categorize the major philosophers and philosophies; (3) describe the ethical principles advocated by the major philosophers and be able to compare, contrast, and evaluate them; (4) demonstrate, in writing, an understanding of mankind�s search for Universals.

II. Activities
In addition to readings from the assigned texts, students will (1)research currents of thought and demonstrate, in writing, their understanding of the search for and contributions to human knowledge made by the universal family of mankind; (2) do unit projects; (3) prepare presentations; (4) analyze in writing one of the major issues confronting contemporary American society from a philosophical perspective; (5) take quizzes and tests in a timely fashion.

III. Resources
In addition to the textbook, students are expected to utilize Tamiscal Homepage links, the internet, Electric Library, District and County Libraries, CDs, videos, and relevant media.

IV. Assessment
Assignments for this course will include preparation and testing for meeting District Outcome Assessments. For the purposes of evaluation and grading during the course, the following methods may be used: weekly assignments; projects; laboratory work; written reports; presentations; participation; quizzes and exams. Students will be informed of the grading criteria at the beginning of each semester.

Students enrolled in this course will participate in all District Assessments.

V. Duration
The agreement is effective until the end of the current semester.

VI. Progress Monitoring
Progress will be monitored at weekly meetings; therefore, attendance is required. Missed appointments, tests, and assignments will result in partial course credits and may result in required attendance to Supervised Independent Study (SIS).

Grades and credits will be reported at the quarter and end of the semester.
I accept the terms of this agreement

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