STUDENT_____________________________ COURSE 70462: WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAM

I. Student Learning Outcomes
All Tamiscal courses share the purpose of helping the student read, write, speak, and solve problems effectively. The Work Experience course offers students the opportunity to engage in the actual practice of work within a chosen vocational field. The course encourages an intelligent and healthy attitude toward work.

Students will demonstrate a sense of responsibility and self-reliance in providing for one’s own needs. They will put into practice skills learned in school as they develop the ability to secure and hold a job.

II. Activities

  1. Complete packet of weekly assignments materials.
  2. Log hours worked per week on appropriate log record form; submit in a timely fashion.
  3. Complete Work Portfolio and make Final Presentation during Finals Week.

III. Resources
In addition to the textbook, students are expected to utilize Tamiscal Homepage links, the internet, Electric Library, District and County Libraries, CDs, videos, and relevant media.

IV. Assessment
Assignments for this course will include preparation and testing for meeting District Outcome Assessments. For the purposes of evaluation and grading during the course, the following methods may be used: weekly assignments; projects; written reports; presentations; participation; quizzes and exams. Students will be informed of the grading criteria at the beginning of each semester.

Students enrolled in this course will be graded based on their attendance and completion of assignments; verification of work logs; their final presentation; level of achievement of the skills necessary for solid job performance; and evaluation by the employer.

V. Duration
The agreement is effective until the end of the current semester.

VI. Progress Monitoring
Progress will be monitored at weekly meetings; therefore, attendance is required. Missed appointments or assignments may result in students being dropped from the course.

Grades and credits will be reported at the quarter and end of the semester. Units of credit will not exceed ten credits per semester and forty credits during high school. Credits will be granted based on18 hours = 1 credit; the one hour weekly assignment does not count toward the 18 hours but does count as the one attendance hour per week allowed for this course.

I accept the terms of this agreement

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