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    Ryan Brady


    My name is Ryan Brady. I’m a licensed paraglider pilot and a certified scuba diver. During my four years at Redwood I became the vice president of the Interact club which is the high school branch of Rotary. I love playing basketball for fun and simply just hanging with the friends. I speak fluent Spanish and love watching Netflix. The summer after my sophomore year I lived in Yucatan, Mexico for two months with Amigos de las Americas which is how I actually got fluent in Spanish. I’m not part of leadership so I guess I’m just a typical Redwood student.


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    Clark Chang

    Hi I’m Clark Chung, and I need to describe myself including my talents, hobbies, interests, and contributions during my 4 years at Redwood. So, here it is. I don’t particularly have any special talents, I used to play the violin (yeah… I know), I used to play tennis, however I do make a pretty decent grilled cheese. On my free times, I enjoy going to the city and just strolling around until I find a spot to eat. During my 4 years at Redwood, I’ve served as class treasurer for like 5 semesters, Eamon beat me out for president so I guess I stuck with treasurer, but now I’m your ASB Treasurer.

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    Devon Cusack


    My name is Devon Cusack and I am so excited to be on the homecoming court this year! I play varsity tennis and varsity lacrosse so I understand what a student athlete goes through. I am also in Link Crew because I love getting spirited and helping others out! In addition, I am the co-founder and president of the color the world club, as well as a host on Redwood Tv. On top of that, I went to a performing arts school for nine years before Redwood so drama kids, I have your back! I work extremely hard in school not only on academics, but to make the community better as a whole. I am fun, different and very unique and that is why you should vote for me!

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    Jack Evershed

    Hi my name’s Jack. I like trampolines, my dog and cable TV but I don’t like hiking. Both my parents are from Canada and they’re pretty nice so I spend a lot of time with them. I have a brother and a sister who I also like, but nowadays I see my sister less because she’s in college. I also have some friends who are pretty cool. I played Junior Varsity basketball, I’m a third year Varsity diver and you may know me from Redwood TV because I’m occasionally on it. Anyways, I’m excited to be on the Homecoming Court!

    Jack Green
    Here at school, I am the lead director of Redwood TV, which I have been doing since the end of my freshman year. I am a reporter for the Bark, mainly specializing in videos but occasionally branching out into writing small descriptions below my videos. I have been a drama director for the last two years. I am a Link Crew homeroom rep, and a proud Mountain House (aka the best house). Outside of school, I co-run a film production company, write and produce music, and eat a lot of cereal.


    Hannah Halford

     My name is Hannah Halford, and I’m a senior at Redwood High School! I’ve been a singer in Advanced Performance Workshop since I was a freshman, performing live music in front of my peers, in and out of school. For the past four years I’ve been on the Girls Varsity Soccer team, while also playing competitive club soccer outside of school. I’d say my biggest interest academically is journalism and creative writing, because they provide me with a creative outlet where I am free to express myself. In my free time I spend time with my friends, family, and most importantly my incredibly attractive puppy Stella.
    Jake Hanssen
    I’m Jake Hanssen, and, first and foremost, I’m a dog person. Less importantly, I’m a four-year Leadership student, four-year Drama student, two-year Varsity athlete, and the Senior Class President. I’ve been on the Men’s Varsity Volleyball team for two years, though I’m most definitely the worst on the team. On campus, I’m the Co-Chapter President of the Junior State of America, a political debate organization, and founding member of the Norwegian Language and Culture Club. I’m also more involved on the state level of JSA, serving as the Lieutenant Governor of the Northern California State. I love history, and I’m interested in going to college to get a double major in Political Science and Economics.

    Violet Loo

    Thank you for nominating me for your 2017 Homecoming court. Both of my older siblings were on the court and they said I would be a disgrace to the family if I wasn’t on it... so thank you! At Redwood I am a 4 year Leadership student, 4 year varsity lacrosse player, a part of the Peer Resource class, and I am Redwoods Tam District Board Representative. In my free time I take a lot of naps and I constantly get boxes from Amazon Prime. I love to surf, travel worldwide to fly fish with my family, and hope to someday find an end to human trafficking.


    Elizabeth Ratcliffe
    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Ratcliffe. I love drawing and painting, running, and playing soccer. My favorite animal is a fish and my favorite food is tacos. I run track, am an AP art student, and your ASB secretary. I hope you all have a fun homecoming week!

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    Eamon Rogan
    Hi! My name is Eamon (Pronounced “Amen”), and I am a Prince on the Homecoming Court. I’m really tired, so instead of writing a long bio about myself, here are the things in my truck:

     1)  Legally Binding Set of Rule for Calling Shotgun: because calling shotgun isn’t just a game
    2) Soccer Ball: I play soccer at Redwood. I have for four years. I need to be prepared to have captain’s practice at any time.
    3) A Broken Radio: The volume knob on my car radio is really glitchy and requires a magic touch.
    4) Thirty Tote Bags that say “Love” on them: these are leftover from a Leadership fundraiser. I have done leadership for four years. I was Class President for three of those years.
    5) My Friend’s Soccer Ball: I keep forgetting to give her the ball back. Side Note: I have friends that play soccer. Some at Redwood. Some for Marin FC.
    6) Bungee Cords: just in case I ever need to tie anything down in the bed of the truck.
    7) Cards Against Humanity: a quality game.
    8) A Bag of Skittles: my favorite candy.
    9) A Gavel: which I use to run ASB meetings. I am ASB President.
    10) My Hat: the only hat that I own.
    Thank you very much for reading.
    Vote for me.

    Natalie Veto
    Hi, my name is Natalie Veto. I love Sol Food (definitely garlic plantains). My favorite ice cream is grasshopper from Scoop in Fairfax. I adore all dogs, especially my yellow lab, Kenwood. I love to ski and surf, even though I’m not really good at either. I’m the small girl in the big blue jeep who still can’t parallel park. One contribution I’ve made to our Redwood community that I am proud of is helping out in the Special Education classroom as a TA and through Special Olympics, Peer Buddies Club and Friendship Club.

    Luna Zirpoli
    Hello Redwood Giants! My name is Luna Zirpoli and for the past four years I have been in the Leadership class, the VP of the Class of 2018 until this year (I am ASB VP) and I have been running the hurdles for track and field. On my free time I surf, play soccer, guitar and hang with my rabbits and dog, my two younger sisters and my best friends! I LOVE Redwood and would love to be your Homecoming queen!