Student Parking Regulations and Guidelines

    Student parking at Redwood High School is a privilege and requires compliance with all parking and traffic regulations. When parking on campus, all vehicles must visibly display a Redwood High School (RHS) parking permit.  Vehicles displaying a student permit may only park in student designated parking areas.  They may not park in staff or visitor areas, nor may they park in red zones, fire lanes or in a disabled stall without a properly disabled placard.

    Failure to properly display a parking permit will be cause for a parking citation to be issued by the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA).  Parking regulations will be enforced Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.  

    We've had members of the Larkspur community call and email our school, concerned about students illegally parking in the neighborhood, driving recklessly, loitering, littering and being disrespectful in the neighborhood.  Larkspur community members have been advised to contact Central Marin Police Authority when concerned about student parking, driving, and inappropriate behavior.

    Additional information can be found on Student Parking Regulations and Guideline

    Carpooling to School

    To improve our environment and reduce our parking challenges, we are encouraging and rewarding students who make a commitment to carpooling.

    Redwood High School defines carpooling as three or more students (including the driver) in a car.  Students who commit to carpooling will have the opportunity to park in reserved “carpool” stalls.  These stalls are located in the front parking lot and will be closely monitored by campus assistants and school administration.  Therefore, students who carpool will be rewarded with a guaranteed parking spot.

    If/when a student with a carpool permit is not carpooling on a particular day, they are not allowed to park in reserved “carpool” stalls.  The student should park in a regular student parking stall.

    Types of parking Permits

    • Carpool Parking Permits
      • Carpool parking permits require a total of three or more occupants inside the vehicle.  Students who carpool will be rewarded with a guaranteed parking spot.
    • Restricted Parking Permits
      • Students who have had their license for less than one year will be issued a restricted parking permit.  In accordance with California law, these student drivers are not allowed to transport others to/from school.
    • Unrestricted Parking Permits
      • Students with an unrestricted parking permit may park in any parking spot/stall that has been designated student parking. 

    Redwood High School, in partnership with Central Marin Police Authority, will start enforcing permit parking on September 25, 2017.


    The Permit Process has been closed for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.

    Have a safe summer and look for updated information in the Fall of 2018.


    Both the student and parent/guardian need to be present while filling out parking permit application.

    Please note:

    • Please allow 2-3 school days for the application to be processed.
    • To pick up your parking permit, please bring valid and current driver’s license to room 107 before school, on breaks and after school ONLY.