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    Every student is assigned to an advisor.  Each advisor has approximately 16 students of various grade levels.  Including advisories in the daily schedule provides an opportunity for advisors and students to connect on a personal level and get to know each other. Advisories meet three times a week.  Discussions may be held about current issues at Drake, in the community and in the world. At other times discussions center around personal and social issues.

    The bulletin is read and Pirate TV is viewed during the advisory period on Mondays. In addition, Monday advisories are also used for students to create a plan to successfully use the upcoming tutorials each week.


    Tutorial is designed to provide students the additional time and support they may need to be successful in their classes. Occasionally rallies and assemblies are held during tutorial periods.  Tutorial periods occur on Wednesdays and Fridays for 50 minutes. During this time period, students either choose which tutorial to attend to attend to best utilize this time or they may be assigned to work with specific teachers to receive additional support. Tutorials are assigned to a student from the Intervention Team or through a Student Study Team (SST) meeting.

          Students are required to sign up for a tutorial prior to the period. They are to do so online via their Home Access portal. Each teacher will take attendance for those signed up to attend tutorial. All attendance student expectations are in effect during tutorial. There are three general types of tutorials students can sign up for. They are as follows:

    ·         Independent Work Centers: These are quiet spaces for students to have the time and space to work independently in a location that needs no teacher oversight. There will also be spaces where students can work in their project groups and a spot for o make-up assessments if previously absent.

    ·         General Work Centers: These are spaces that students can get support from their peers or from teachers in the room. There is also a peer tutoring center.

    ·         Intensive Work Centers: These are spots that students in need of extra support can get it in a workshop with a teacher. They may include individual intervention for the student or re-teaching in some way. These could be made mandatory for some students in need of this support.

    DHS Handbook Daily Student Life  2