What is a Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) complaint?
    A UCP complaint is any written statement alleging a district violation of applicable federal or state law or regulations governing any program subject to the UCP involving discrimination, harassment, intimidation and/or bullying, and includes noncompliance with laws relating to pupil fees. A UCP complaint must be filed by way of the Uniform Complaint Procedures as written in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, sections 4600-4687 and Education Code sections 234, 234.1, 234.2, 234.3, 234.5, 49010-49013, and District BP/AR 1312.3.  Programs subject to UCP include but are not limited to Adult Education, Career Technical And Technical Education Training, Child Care And Development, Child Nutrition, Consolidated Categorical Aid; Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Homeless, Former Juvenile Court and/or Military families; LCAP, School Safety Plans, Migrant Education, and Special Education.
    Below are links with more information:
    Uniform Complaint Procedures Notice
    Policy, Regulation, and Exhibit 1312.3 can be found on our Gamut Policy Plus website.
    Click here for a Uniform Complaints Procedure complaint form and related information, including the policy and regulation.