• Sir Francis Drake High School

    Electronic Device Agreement

    We at Sir Francis Drake High School believe that technology is an important tool in educating our students to be creative, collaborative, responsible, and globally-aware. 

    We believe that technology enriches our environment when it is used purposefully and conscientiously.  In an increasingly connected world, we understand the importance of continually building a culture of appropriate use of technology in all learning spaces. 

    The Drake student utilizes technology to develop and demonstrate:

    ·         Creativity and Innovation

    ·         Communication and Collaboration

    ·         Research and Information Fluency

    ·         Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

    ·         Digital Citizenship

    ·         Technology Operations and Concepts

    Teachers will develop appropriate norms around use of school and personal technology in their classrooms.  Furthermore, teachers will outline their electronic use rules for their individual classrooms in their course syllabus. School administration will partner with teachers in understanding individual teacher expectations for classroom use and helping students learn how to use technology in ways that will augment the learning environment for themselves and their peers.