• Drake High School



    Drake High School competes in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) in the North Coast Section (CIF). Other MCAL teams include Branson, Justin- Siena, Marin Catholic, Novato, San Marin, San Rafael, Sir Francis Drake, Redwood, Terra Linda, and Tamalpais High Schools.


    Detailed information regarding athletics can be found in the district’s “Parent-Student Guide to Athletics,” which is located on the athletic webpage under “files” at www.drakeathletics.org.


    League regulations specify that students must pass twenty credits of work at the last grading period in order to participate in athletics and must maintain a "C" (2.0) average in order to participate in extracurricular activities. Students must attend at least half of the periods the day of a game to be eligible to play.


    All students participating in any sport must fill out an Athletic Participation Form. This form must be completed and turned in before a student can participate in practice. All athletic participation forms are now completed online using www.registermyathlete.com 


    If there is a concern or issue that needs to be heard, please contact the following individuals (in this order): coach, athletic director, assistant principal in charge of athletics, principal, district athletic coordinator, or superintendent.



    Sports offered at Drake High School

    Fall Sports

    Football (V, F/S)                        Water Polo (V, JV)           

    Boys Soccer (V, F/S)                  Girls Volleyball (V, JV, F) 

    Girls Tennis (V)                          Girls Golf (V)

    Cheerleading (V, JV)                  Cross Country (V, JV)

    Winter Sports

    Basketball (V, JV, F)- Boys and Girls

    Soccer – (V, F/S) – Boys and Girls 

    Cheerleading (V, JV)                  Wrestling (V)

    Spring Sports

    Swimming and Diving (V)        Lacrosse (V)                 Track and Field (V, F/S)

    Baseball (V, F/S)                       Softball (V, JV)             Boys Volleyball (V, JV)

    Boys Tennis (V)                        Boys Golf (V)                Girls Soccer (V, F/S)


    Athletic Code of Conduct (AR 6145.21)

    Athletes will:

    ·         Show respect for yourself, teammates, coach, opponents and officials. Always attempt to play your best. Never get down on yourself or your teammates.

    ·         Recognize and appreciate good performances and skill from your opponents.

    ·         No foul language, trash talk, negative gestures or actions to provoke a negative response or fighting.

    ·         Always keep up your academic work and follow training rules.

    ·         Remember that you are a representative of your school and a role model for many. Be a positive model.

    ·         School attendance is mandatory for both practice and game days. Unexcused absences will prevent participation of practice and games. Continued unexcused absences may jeopardize your placement on the team.

    ·         Be on time for practices and contests.

    ·         Maintain a 2.0 GPA.


    Athlete Ejection Policy

    Ejection of a player and/or coach, from a content for unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct, or when one or more players leave the bench to begin or participate in an altercation:

    ·         Penalty- The player and or coach shall be ineligible for the next context.

    ·         Illegal participation in the next contest by a player or coach ejected in ineligible player or coach shall be ineligible for the next contest. Second ejection shall lead for the player or coach to be ineligible for the remainder of the season.



    Consequences for Athletes Regarding Drinking/Drugs (at school-related events)

            First Offense 

       School disciplinary action: suspension from team/sports participation (games and practices) for a total of ten (10) school or athletic-participation days. Students can watch practice after completion of school suspension. The ten (10) days of suspension from team/sports/activities include the school suspension days. If the current sport season ends before the completion of the ten (10) day team suspension, the remaining suspension days shall be carried forward to the next sport in which the student participates. However, arrangements shall be made for the student to try-out for the next sport.

            Second Offense

      School disciplinary action: suspension of athletic privileges for 40 days from the date of suspension.


    Transportation for Athletes

    The District will provide transportation for student athletes to and from athletic events by contract with private transportation providers, to the extent that funds are available for this purpose. When funds are not available, the superintendent or designee will neither authorize nor arrange for the transportation of the students by private automobile. Rather, students and/or their parents/ guardians will be expected to assume responsibility and make their own arrangements for transportation. Coaches are not allowed to transport student athletes.


    Fan Behavior and Expectations:

    ·      Fans will behave in a positive manner and follow guidelines for good sportsmanship. Poor behavior may result in suspension from the sporting event and future sporting events.

    ·      Be a positive force for our team and not a negative force against the opponents and officials.

    ·      No costumes, face painting or noisemakers of any kind.

    ·      Appropriate music with controlled volume.

    ·      Cheering must remain in the stands.

    ·      Cheer and dance team members must encourage positive fan behavior.

    ·      Pep bands can only play during a break in game play.

    ·      Fans should not turn their backs on or boo our opponents.