Redwood High School Benchwarmers
     “Funding Redwood Athletics”
    Benchwarmers is the sports allocation committee of the Redwood Foundation
    A completed Benchwarmers Funding Request Form must be submitted to the Athletic Director by the Friday before the Benchwarmers meeting.
    To make a request to Benchwarmers download the Funding Request Form and the Funding Guidelines

    Benchwarmers meet on the first Wednesday of every month except July and August.
    Meeting dates 2017/2018  
    8/30, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6, 1/10, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 5/30

    Benchwarmers Board will approve the requests in a closed session following each meetings

    Benchwarmers Board 2016/17
    President                                       Jennifer Tippett                        jentippett@comcast.net
    Vice President                                Holly Welch                             welchholly5@gmail.com
    Booster Chair                                 Diana Miller                             ladydimill@gmail.com
    Secretary                                       Annie  Porter                           coleporter@comcast.net
    Treasurer                                       Kim Allen                                 kimberly.a.allen@comcast.net
    SAP (Student Athlete Program)    Lynn Tallerico                           tallerico@comcast.net

    Assistant Principal Athletics          LaSandra White                       lwhite@redwood.org
    Athletic Director                            Jessica Peisch                          jpeisch@tamdistrict.org
    Athletic Trainer                             Americ Alvarado                       aalvarado@tamdistrict.org


    Benchwarmers Funded Items Through June 2017
    Total budget for 2016/2017 $180,000

    All Sports
    - Impact testing software for concussions
     - 2 Automated External Defibrillator for campus wide use
     - Bus to UCSF for physicals
     - Tournament fees for all teams
     - Bleachers for Ghilotti Field 
    - Athletics Awards and letters for Fall, Winter & Spring seasons
    - Athletic Trainer salary (25%)
    - Coaches meetings and Positive Coaching Alliance training
     - Transportation for NCS playoff games Fall, Winter & Spring seasons
     - Senior athletes banquet
    Boys - tournament fees, basketballs, buses
    Girls - tournament fees, buses, game analysis software, basketballs, warm ups
    Batters helmets, practice baseballs, batting tees, bats, catchers gear,
    ball caddy, protective screens, Fungoman practice machine
    Bus to Cardinal Newman game, replacement door for baseball shed, bases, windscreen, safety nets
    Boys - tournament fee, nets, automatic target, Krossover Game Field Analysis, All Ball Pro Elite
    Girls - tournament fees, equipment and bus,  practice uniforms, Smart backstop Krossover Game Field Analysis, light towers
    Girls - shag bags, golf bags, balls
    Boys - tournament fees
    Girls - coaches summit, tournament fees, new goals and ball bin
    Boys - tournament fees, new goals, benches for pool deck
    Cross Country - invitational/meet fees and buses
    Girls - balls, practice jerseys, team bags
    Boys - bibs, cones, ladders, team bags, buses
    Girls - tournament fees, warmup jackets, windscreens, storage shed
    Wresting – equipment & tournament fees
    Girls Field Hockey – bus & tournament fees
    Swimming & Diving – uniform parkas & jackets, equipment, benches and chairs for swimming pool, tents
    Softball - bus to game, windscreen for JV field
    Track & Field – invitationals, discus net replacement
    Football - New helmets, helmet cart and pad storage racks, 5 man Oklahoma chute, entry sign, play off buses
    Boys - tournament fees
    Girls - tournament fees, jackets for all 3 teams
    Cheerleading - camp scholarships, mats, portable sound system
    Miscellaneous – Unified team jerseys for basketball and track
    Physical improvements: 
    Gym sound system
    Athletics tents for use by all sports
    Replacement ice machine for Athletic trainer
    Light rental for Ghilotti field in February 
    Scoreboard controllers
    Media backdrops


    2015/16  total allocated: $189,158.66

    Athletic Trainer salary, overtime and supplies
    Waterpolo tournaments and equipment
    Wresting equipment
    Cross Country invitationals
    Transportation for playoffs and some games
    Coaches training and equipment
    Soccer teams jackets
    Tennis warm up tops

    Swimming parkas
    Baseball equipment

    Team Awards and Letters
    Physical improvements: washer/dryer, high jump pit and platform, long jump pit covers, painting foul poles, score board, scores table Ghilotti field,