From the left:Ms. Paulsen, Mr. Scott, Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Heimbrodt, Ms. Gulden, Mr. David, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Wall, Ms. Kennedy

Meet the Counseling Team

  • Counseling Secretary (Registrar): Ann Jackson

    Records Secretary (Transcripts): Diana Fernandez

    College & Career Specialist: Meg Heimbrodt

    School Counselors:

    Jeff David, Candace Gulden, Lynne Kennedy, Katie Paulsen, Ian Scott, Tami Wall

  • The school counselor's primary focus is to have direct contact with students.  Counselors have a caseload of 325 students to 1 counselor.  Students may request to see a counselor by coming into room 103 and filling out the “Request to see counselor” form or by sending an email to their counselor.  We remain with our students all four years to support them in the realms of personal, social, academic, college/career planning and development. We are their support person for navigating high school.  We are honored to work with our students during this valuable stage of growth during their teen years.

    You are able to view your child’s school counselor on Home Access (eSchool)under the registration tab.  We encourage you to update personal contact information, such as phone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information, in Home Access.  This is the main source of communication used by staff at Redwood High School to get in contact with students and families.

    We know there are many questions that come up throughout the year.  When questions arise we encourage you to have your student come see us as it gives us an opportunity to get to know them and develop our relationship with them.