• Karen Saura
  • Karen Saura
    Integrated Science  1-2   
    Integrated Science  3-4 
    Contact me at:  ksaura@tamdistrict.org                         
                              Room 10  

  • About me:

    This is my 10th year teaching science and my first year at San Andreas High School.  I love coming to school every day and having the privilege of teaching your children.  

    I believe that all students are naturally curious and great scientists.  My goal as an educator is to create innovative and academically rigorous learning opportunities that engage and foster this curiosity.  I work to create a classroom environment where students are challenged, prepared for success, and inspired to step into their futures.  I love teaching and sharing my passion for science with my students.  I am grateful to be working in a supportive, collaborative environment working together to support our students to reach their fullest potential.  

    I look forward to meeting you all and to a great year of science exploration!

        University of Texas, Austin
        Masters in Education, JFK University
        Multiple Subject Credential, JFK University
        Single Subject Credentials: General Science, 
                 GeoScience, Agriculture & Biology,  Dominican University

    Teaching Experience:  
        Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physical Sciences, Reed USD 
        High School Biology and Earth Science, Novato School District  
        7th Life Science and Elementary Science, Albany School District
    Interests and Activities
         Reading, art, dancing, yoga, hiking with my dog, & traveling with my kids