•  2020 AP Exams


     Changes To College Board's AP Program for 2019 -2020

    Starting with the 2019-20 school year, students and families are being asked to interact with two systems, College Board and Total Registration. Students (and families) need to access College Board for instructional resources and provide information for their Student ID Label. In addition, students (and families) will need to access Total Registration to purchase their AP Exams.


    Final Steps Before Your AP Exam(s)

    Locate Your E-Ticket

    Two days before your exam, you will receive an email with your unique exam e-ticket that includes your AP ID. On exam day, you will use your e-ticket to access the exam. 

    If you do not receive your exam e-ticket by email, you can access it through your student account on My AP. E-tickets are nontransferable and shouldn't be shared with anyone.


    Complete The AP Exam Day Checklist For Each Exam You're Taking

    You should complete this checklist and keep a printed or handwritten copy with you for reference during testing.


    Click Your E-Ticket to Check-in 30 Minutes Before Exam Start Time

    College Board is recommending that you allow 80 minutes for each exam—30 minutes to enter your AP ID, name, and other information, and 50 minutes to draft and submit your responses. Please make sure that you check out the AP Exam Testing Schedule for the start time of your exam: 2020 AP Exam Schedule


    If Something Goes Wrong

    If you accidentally close the browser, your device crashes, or you temporarily lose internet access, you can quickly click your exam e-ticket again to return to the exam. You should continue the exam, and if you feel at the end of the exam that the temporary disruption negatively impacted your performance, you can request approval to take the makeup exam at cb.org/requestmakeup

    You can also request a makeup exam if you've lost too much time due to a technical problem, can't connect to your exam, or experienced some other serious disruption.

    2020 AP Exam Schedule

    The 2020 AP Exams will be administered (online at home) May 11th through May 22nd. Students will be able to complete their 2020 AP Exams using a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

    The schedule of 2020 AP Exams that Redwood will administer this year is available below

    Additional information about taking the AP Exams can be found on this webpage from College Board: Taking the AP Exam. We encourage students and parents to carefully read through all of the contents on this webpage as well as the page links listed below:



    Course Specific Exam Information

    For more information on which units of study will and will not be covered on a specific AP Exam, please see the following document:


    • In addition, AP Teachers have been communicating with their students about how to best prepare for their AP Exams and the type of questions that students will be asked on their AP Exams.


    Students Testing With College Board Approved Accommodations:

    Students who have been approved for testing accommodations through the College Board will have the opportunity to complete their AP Exam(s) with their approved accommodations.  According to the College Board, the testing platform will automatically apply testing accommodations during the AP Exams.

    Information about extended time, screen-reader compatibility, readers/scribes, and other details can be found on the following site:

    Additional information regarding spoken world language and culture exams will be available the week of April 27.

    Student Communication and AP Exam Access:

    In order for students to access and complete their AP Exam, they will need access to their email or College Board account. In preparation for the AP Exam, College Board is recommending the following:

    • Students should check the email address they used to create their College Board account on:  
      • Students should regularly check this email address for the most recent information about AP Exams


    • Students should verify their College Board account at collegeboard.org by clicking on their profile at the top right-hand corner of the page, and going to “Account Settings”.


    • Students should scroll down to verify their information and confirm that their email address is the one to which they'd like to receive the e-ticket to take their AP Exams. If it's not the correct email, they can update it to an email they check regularly by clicking “Update”


    Students Needing Technology Support to Complete Their AP Exam(s)

    Given that AP Exams will be online, students will need access to the proper technology to complete their AP Exam on the exam day.  According to the College Board, they are committed to supporting students and families with the technology they need on exam day.  If you do not have the technology to access online AP Courses and Exams, please submit the following form from the College Board: College Board's Technology Request. April 24th is the deadline for students and parents/guardians to contact the College Board if they need a device to support their access to their online AP Course and their AP Exams.

    Of course, our administrative and technology team at Redwood High School is also willing to help in any way that we can to make sure students have the technology they need to access online AP Courses and Exams. If you anticipate that access to technology will be a challenge, please contact the College Board and/or our school ASAP. You can submit a technology request to Redwood's technology team here. 

    Instructional Support for Students

    Students are able to access free, live AP Review sessions, delivered by AP teachers from across the country.  To access these free, live AP Review sessions, visit the AP YouTube Channel.

    These mobile-friendly classes are:

    • Designed to be used alongside assignments and review sessions that may be given by our own Redwood AP teachers.


    • Recorded and available on-demand so teachers and students can access them any time.


    • Focused on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course.


    The schedule of these online AP Courses can be found on Online AP Course Schedule

    Use of Calculators on 2020 AP Exams

    On the 2020 AP Exams that may involve calculations, questions are designed such that required calculations can be done with a pencil and paper, with no calculator (including one with graphical or statistical capabilities) required. However, the use of a calculator is allowed and may be helpful.  Additional Information about the College Boards Calculator Policies can be found on this page: AP Exam Calculator Policy.

    AP Exam Cancellation Policy

    If any student would like to cancel one or more of their AP Exams, they can do so without the College Board charging any additional fees.  In the past, there has been a cancellation fee, but it is waived by the College Board for the 2020 AP Exams.

    If any students would like to cancel one or more of their AP Exams, please do the following: 

    • Email AP Coordinator, Saum Zargar, indicating your decision to cancel a specific AP Exam.  Also, please include your AP Teacher.  


    • Log into TotalRegistration.net and request a cancellation for each exam.  This request will be approved by myself, Saum Zargar. 


    • An email from Total Registration was sent to all students on April 15th, with clear instructions and screenshots of how to request a cancellation on Total Registration. Please complete this task by 4:00 PM on April 17th.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    For additional questions, please visit the College Boards's Frequently asked Questions Webpage.

    College Board Links and Resources

    For additional information on AP exams policies, procedures and resources please check out the links listed below. 

    Student/Parent Information:

    Policies and Procedures for AP Exams:

    College Board Resources for Taking AP Exams:

    Credit or Placement for Universities:

    Preparing for the AP Exams:


    For Redwood AP Exam information including any questions or concerns please contact 

    Tanya Jaspering  Email: tjaspering@tamdistrict.org