•  2020 AP Exams


     Changes To College Board's AP Program for 2019 -2020

    Starting with the 2019-20 school year, students and families are being asked to interact with two systems, College Board and Total Registration. Students (and families) need to access College Board for instructional resources and provide information for their Student ID Label. In addition, students (and families) will need to access Total Registration to purchase their AP Exams.


    AP Exam Update for School Impacted by Coronavirus

    •  For the 2019-20 exam administration only, students can take a 45-minute online exam at home.


    • For each AP subject, there will be two different testing dates.  It is not clear at this point if students will have the option to choose their testing date & time or if testing dates & times will be set by districts and schools.


    • According to College Board, specific test dates and the free-response question types will all be posted by April 3.


    • Students will be able to take their online AP Exam on any device they have access, including desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Taking a photo of handwritten work will also be an option.


    • According to College Board, in order to be fair to students whom have lost more instructional time than others, the 2020 AP Exam will only include topics and skills most AP teachers and students covered in class by early March. AP Teachers are being sent information about the reduced scope of content that will be covered on each 2020 AP Exam and the type of questions that students will see on their test date.


    • According to College Board, they recognize that the digital divide could prevent some students from participating in online AP Exams. They (College Board) are working with their partners to invest in resources, so all students have the tools and connectivity they need to review AP content online and take the exam. 


    • According to College Board, colleges are committed to ensuring that AP students receive the credit that they've worked this year to earn.  We (Redwood) have no information how/if different colleges will respond differently.


    2020 AP Exam Schedule

    According to College Board, the full exam schedule, specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing details will be available by April 3, 2020. As soon as we have the exam schedule, we will communicate through email and make the 2020 AP Exam Schedule available on this webpage. 


    Course Specific Exam Information

    For more information on which units of study will and will not be covered for each specific AP Exam, please see the following document:


    • In addition, AP Teachers will be communicating with their students about how to best prepare for each AP Exam.


    Testing With Accommodations

    As of March 20, 2020, we do not know how students who have been approved for testing accommodations through College Board will be accommodated for each of their AP Exams. As soon as we have more information, we will communicate through email and this webpage.  


    Testing Conflicts

    As of March 20, 2020, we do not know the schedule for the online AP Exams. As soon as the online testing schedule has been published, we will communicate through email and updates on this webpage. Furthermore, as of March 20, 2020 ,we do not know how College Board will be addressing testing conflicts. When more information becomes available, we will communicate with AP students and their parents/guardians.


    Instructional Support for Students

    Beginning on Wednesday, March 25th, students can access free, live AP Review sessions, delivered by AP teachers from across the country.  These mobile-friendly classes are: 


    • Designed to be used alongside assignments and review sessions  that may be given by our own Redwood AP teachers.


    • Will be recorded and available on-demand so teachers and students can access them any time.


    • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course.


    • To access these free, live AP Review sessions, visit the following link through College Board


    AP Calculator Policy

    Calculators can be used on all or some parts of the AP Exams approved by College Board.  For a list of AP Exams where calculators are allowed and a listing of approved calculators, please visit the AP Calculator Policy



    • As of 2018, students taking the AP Biology Exam may use a four-function (with square root), scientific, or graphing calculator.


    • Students may bring up to 2 permitted calculators. They should bring calculators they’re familiar with and that are in good working order.


    • Calculators may not be shared.


    • Calculator memories do not need to be cleared before or after the exam.


    College Board Links and Resources

    For additional information on AP exams policies, procedures and resources please check out the links listed below. 

    Student/Parent Information:

    Policies and Procedures for AP Exams:

    College Board Resources for Taking AP Exams:

    Credit or Placement for Universities:

    Preparing for the AP Exams:


    For Redwood AP Exam information including any questions or concerns please contact 

    Tanya Jaspering  Email: tjaspering@tamdistrict.org