• 2018 AP Exam Scores

    Congratulations on completing your exams. All students will need to have an active College Board account in order to access scores online. 

    Please go to the College Board website to create an account now at:

    College Board AP Scores

    You will need your AP ID number used for your 2018 exams. That number is located in your AP Student Pack on the barcoded stickers located in the middle of the booklet. If you left your AP Student Pack in your testing location or misplaced it, please check in room 107 to see if it was turned in.


    2018 AP Exams

    This year’s Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations took place on  May 7, 2018, through May 18, 2018.  AP Exams provide students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of materials covered in AP courses and, depending upon results and individual university policy, possibly earn college credit or placement.  If students and parents are curious to find out which colleges and universities offer credit or placement for AP Scores, please use this great tool created by College Board:

    AP Credit Policy Search  


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