• Welcome to Redwood AP Exams Page for the 2023 - 2024 School Year


    AP Summer Assignments (2023)


    More detailed information for the 2023 - 2024 school year will be uploaded and sent out to all of our AP students in June.


    Redwood students who are taking Independent Study AP Courses who wish to take the AP Exam for that course must FIRST contact Tanya Jaspering in RM 107 for approval. But please note that we are not able to accommodate all requests for these exams.


    Testing Conflicts

    If there are conflicts with the AP Exam schedule, please see Tanya Jaspering in Rm 107, before the end of the registration period. There are VERY LIMITED circumstances under which the College Board or Redwood HS will approve a student for an alternative late testing date.  Students cannot take two exams at the same time and Redwood HS will decide which exam a student will take first and which exam will be taken during the late testing window.


    Testing With Accommodations

    Students who currently have a General Education Plan, an IEP, MTSS Plan or a 504 Plan with testing accommodations should email Tanya Jaspering (tjaspering@tamdistrict.org) to confirm they have been approved for testing accommodations during AP Exams. Accommodations that are offered in your daily classes may not carry over to the AP exams so be sure to check with Ms. Jaspering if you have any questions.

    Only students who have been approved by College Board are eligible to receive testing accommodations on their AP Exams. The last day to submit accommodations requests to College Board is in early January  2024. Families are strongly encouraged to start the process now, as it can be lengthy to gather the necessary paperwork and if a decision needs to be appealed, that can take time as well. Please contact Tanya Jaspering (tjaspering@tamdistrict.org) for all of the inforamtion on the applications process for accommodations.

    For those students who have already been approved by the College Board for testing accommodations, you do not need to re-apply.  During the registration process, families will be able to provide the College Board provided SSD # for accommodations.

     If you have any questions, please email Tanya Jaspering (tjaspering@tamdistrict.org)