• Campus Parking

    Student Parking -

    AWHS Student Drivers: We are excited to announce that our Solar Panel Construction Project will begin this fall semester. GENERAL PARKING PERMITS have been issued to begin the school year. Students who receive GENERAL PARKING  PERMITS will be directed daily to a temporary alternative parking location.  NO PARKING or DROP OFF will be allowed in the front main lot during construction. Students who receive GENERAL PARKING PERMITS will be the only ones allowed to enter campus from Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and will gain access to our temporary parking on the softball field once the main lot is closed. Once construction is completed, we will issue numbered parking space permits to those who were issued the noted general parking permits. Students are not allowed to park in the Devonshire or Saunders parking lots. More details on this soon.



    Visitor Parking
    Limited visitor parking is available in the main parking lot until the parking lot becomes closed. More details soon. Spots marked Visitor can be found at the front of the Big Gym. 
    Additional visitor parking will be available in the grass/lawn parking lot that has been temporarily built in our Devonshire Lot, to expand parking. This parking lot is on the corner of Saunders Rd. and Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and can be accessed from either Saunders or Sir Francis Drake.

    parking lot map



    We encourage our entire community of students, staff and families to use alternate modes of transportation when coming to school.  Our parking lot and street parking are both limited.  Always follow parking laws and respect our neighbors.  Illegally parked cars will be ticketed.
    USE PUBLIC TRANSIT:Marin Transit Youth Pass Information Marin Transit Youth Pass Information - EnglishMarin Transit Youth Pass Information - Spanish Marin Transit Youth Pass Eligibility - English & Spanish**Families in West Marin please make note of changes to Marin Transit/Stagecoach routes to/from Archie Williams. Route 68 Stage Schedules:  https://marintransit.org/routes/68For route planning, Marin Transit recommends viewing their routes available by school: https://marintransit.org/schools and their Summary of changes: https://marintransit.org/supplemental-routes