2018-19 CAMPUS TOURS
    Thank you for your interest in Redwood High School.   Campus Tours for 2017-18 have concluded.  The 2018-19 tour dates and registration will be posted in late August. You will find information on this site about Redwood's outreach to prospective families for the 2018-19 school year.
    Redwood is one of three comprehensive high schools in the Tamalpais Union High School District. Redwood's Fall, 2018 opening enrollment is anticipated to be just above 1,850. Redwood serves students living within the TUHSD boundaries.  Inter-district transfers are granted only under exceptional circumstances.
    The public is always welcome at athletic and theater events, sometimes for an admission fee, especially MCAL/NCS playoffs and drama events.  Athletic events are published in the Marin Independent Journal and at Redwood Athletics Check out the daily bulletin, the  'Twig" for current events.  Read the Redwood Bark on-line for the student voice.  To get the flavor of the school yourself, you can just drop by school after 3:30 when school is in session and wander around.  Staff will not be available to talk to you, but there may be some students and teachers around.  The library and gym will be open until 4:00 and there may be sports practices/contests happening.
    Redwood has not had a "shadow" program for several years. When we did, the experience was spotty for the student shadowing depending on who was the Redwood host and the fact that a class could be having a test, a substitute or a video. Neither do we allow current students to bring visitors to class. 

    You may be interested in some key links for information about Redwood and the Tamalpais Union High School District:

    Please contact Sue Chelini (schelini@tamdistrict.org) with any further questions.