Campus Tours

    Welcome to Redwood!  Redwood is one of three comprehensive high schools in the Tamalpais Union High School District.  It had an August, 2018 opening enrollment of just above 1,950.

    Tours for prospective Redwood families are held on Tuesday mornings, beginning in the Redwood Library (directly inside the east, or back, entrance to the main building). 
    Tours are limited to 70 for safety reasons and to maintain the best experience for all. 

    Prospective students accompanied by adults are welcome on the tours.  Students will be turned away if they are not with a responsible adult.  Please make SEPARATE reservations for each member of your family attending.  Please plan ahead as a Campus Tour is the only opportunity to visit Redwood during the school day.

    Here are the 2018-19 Campus Tour dates:
             Tuesday, September 11                              Tuesday, December 4
             Tuesday, September 25                              Tuesday, January 22
             Tuesday, October 2                                     Tuesday, January 29
             Tuesday, October 23                                   Tuesday, March 19
             Tuesday, November 13                               Tuesday, April 30
             Tuesday, November 27                               
    Because parking is challenging to say the least, please get together with families from your neighborhood to carpool when you sign up.  Or ... it would be amazing if your family can walk or bike to campus for the tour.  Or ... you can park at Piper Park and walk to campus.  
    If you MUST park on campus,  please park in visitor spaces if you can.  Please avoid Staff and D.O. numbered spaces.  Wear comfortable walking shoes.  Since school begins at 8:00, please allow time for heavy traffic if you are on an 8:15 tour.  Please let me know if you have special needs.
    Please click on this Campus Tour Reservations link.  Please fill out a reservation request for EACH person attending.  If your preferred tour date is closed, please check back to see if there are cancellations.  No waiting list is kept.  Please email Sue Chelini, schelini@tamdistrict.org,if you need to cancel your reservation or have other questions.  If a tour is full, I do get random cancellations.  The best time to look for a cancellation is the three days prior to a tour after the reminders have been sent out.  Cancellations show as spaces available on a tour. 

    You will hear from staff, students and parents as we walk the campus.  There will be opportunity to ask questions about Redwood.  Feel free to visit the Redwood HS Web Page for a wealth of information.  See below for the most popular links.
    The public is always welcome at athletic and theater events, sometimes for an admission fee, especially football and basketball game, MCAL/NCS playoffs and drama events.  Athletic events are published in the Marin Independent Journal and at Redwood Athletics.  Check out the 'Twig' for current events.   Read the Redwood Bark on-line.  To get the flavor of the school yourself, you can just drop by school at 3:30 and wander around.   There will still be some students and teachers around.  The library and gym will be open and there may be sports practices/contests happening.  Unfortunately, staff is not available to meet with families at this time.
    Redwood has not had a "shadow" program for many years. When we did, the experience was spotty for the 8th grader depending on who the Redwood student was and the fact that a class could be having a test or a substitute or a video. Neither do we allow current students to bring visitors to class.
    You may be interested in some key links for information about Redwood and the Tamalpais Union High School District:

    Please contact Sue Chelini (schelini@tamdistrict.org) with any further questions.   

    Thank you for your interest in Redwood High School.