• Ms. Wendy Baumgartner


    email: wbaumgartner@tamdistrict.org

    phone: (415) 388-3292 x 5950

    "Wait! I didn't know there was a test today!!"

    Want to know what's goin' on in your math class? Please go to Google Classroom to see notes, assignments and calendar.

    "I can't do my homework. I left my book at school."

    Guess what! You have access to the ebook! Oh happy day!


    Here are the access codes for each course and period:

    1st Period Algebra 1    M8TS-YMMS-NGKN

    2nd Period Algebra 1   TSNR-2ZJD-K7NS

    3rd Period Algebra 1    NNNB-BS3B-DSYK

    5th Period Geometry    P58P-4PAK-J7YK

    6th Period Geometry    3RTS-Y2Y3-B5MS