Physics in the Universe

  • Week 9 (10/15 - 10/19)

    Monday: *Substititue* Begin Watching "Nova: Back to the Beginnings" 

    Tuesday: Finish "Nova: Back to the Beginnings" and turn in video question worksheet

                  Start "The Expanding Universe and Hubble's Law" Reading assignment, due next block period

    Wednesday/Thursday: Due: "The Expanding Universe and Hubble's Law" Reading assignment, begin "Analyzing the Redshift" graphing assignment

    Friday: Continue "Analyzing the Redshift" Graphing assignment


    Week 8 (10/8 - 10/10/12)

    Monday: Doppler Effect and Mechanical Waves, Cont. 

         *Students who missed class due to field trip, please request a SMART period pass for Thursday, Oct. 11 to catch up on what was missed in class*

    Tuesday: Doppler Effect and Mechanical Waves, Cont. 

    Wednesday/Thursday: Complete Doppler Effect and Mechanical Waves Lab

    Friday: Doppler Effect and Mechanical Waves Lab Due

              Redshift and Doppler Effect Slides 


    Week 7 (10/1-10/5)

    Monday: Review Quiz Results; Start Spectroscopy Lab CER

    Tuesday: Spectroscopy Lab + CER Due; Scientific Notation Lesson

              Scientific Notation Skills WS

    Wednesday/Thursday: Significant Figures Introduction

              Sig Figs WS

    Friday: Doppler Effect and Mechanical Waves Intro 

              Doppler Effect Video Link


    Week 6 (9/24-9/28)

    Monday: Spectroscopy Lab Part C: Interpreting Spectra Due

    Tuesday: "Composition of Astronomical Objects - Study Guide" Due , Review Study Guide, Continue "Spectroscopy Lab"

    Wednesday/Thursday: Waves, Properties of Light, and EM Spectrum Quiz, Spectroscopy Article Reading Activity

    Friday: Finish Lab; Examine Emission and Absorption Spectra

              Emission/Absorption Spectra YouTube Video


    Week 5 (9/17-9/21)

    Monday: EM Wavelength Comparison Assignment Due, Watch "Cosmos" epsiode 

    Tuesday/Thursday: Start "Spectroscopy Lab"

               Spectroscopy Lab Notes

    Friday: Continue "Spectroscopy Lba"


    Week 4 (9/10-9/14)

    Monday: Waves Presentation

               Waves Slides

    Tuesday: Waves, continued

    Wednesday: Modeling Waves with a Pendulum Demonstration

    Thursday/Friday: Continue work on EM Spectrum Assignment; Start work on EM Wavelength Comparison Assignment

                EM Wavelength Comparison Assignment        

    Back to School Night:

               Class Expectations and Guidelines

               Back to School Night Slides


    Week 3 (9/4-9/7)

    Tuesday: Light Lab Conclusion/Analysis Due, In-class Light Lab Review

                 Light Lab Links

    Wednesday/Thursday: Claims, Evidence, Reasoning activity

    Friday: Cosmology and the Big Bang Presentation

                Cosmology and the Big Bang Slides 


    Week 2 (8/27-8/31)

    Monday: Introduction to Scientific Models

                 Scientific Models Brief Summary

                 YouTube Scientific Modelling Clip

    Tuesday: Modeling the Big Bang Activity

    Wednesday/Thursday: Begin Light Lab

                 Light Lab Slides

    Friday: Finish Light Lab


    Week 1 (8/22-8/24)

    Wednesday: Introduction

    Thursday: Observation of the Night Sky Activity

    Friday: Observations of the Night Sky Activity, Cont.  

                Questions and Observations form