Remote Learning Update:

    I will miss seeing your wonderful faces, but we will still be moving forward in our learning.


    Materials will be in Google Drive folders as usual, with additional files for instruction and reference.

    Communication will be primarily via email, and I will be available every weekday during school hours. 

    I should not take more than 24 hours to respond, and am checking my email regularly. Please ask me for help.

    (I am still catching up from the first round of ~200 emails, and I scan them for those that need immediate response)


    Advanced Algebra Page

    Info and content for Advanced Algebra


    Statistics Page

    Info and content for Statistics


    Logic Problem (from class and for parents)

    Logic Problem Solution




  • Jason Adams

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    Advanced Algebra and Statistics

    Room 222 (402 1st period Statistics)



    BA in Pure Mathematics : UC Berkeley

    STEM Education Minor & Teaching Credential : UC Berkeley