This page hosts the information for CSF and Honor Society
    CSF Application window for the SPRING 2021 closed February 12th at 4pm. (Please note Late Applications cannot be accepted per CSF state by-laws).  
    Please allow one month for the applications to be reviewed.  
    The next membership drive is Fall 2021.
    It is tentatively scheduled to open
    September 7, 2021
    (The Fall 2021 membership drive will use June 2021 Semester Grades)
    CSF Information Links
     If you are having problems paying the $1, please contact melton@tamdistrict.org.  In your email subject line please write, "CSF - Payment Help"  Followed by the Student Name. 
    Congratulations to Drake Goodman class of 2020 for earning a place as a Seymour Award Finalist 


    For questions, please contact   Jessica Crabtree - CSF Advisor
    Please put your student's full name and grade level in the subject line.
    NEW EMAIL -->   CSF/RHS@tamdistrict.org

    Redwood Honor Society (RHS)

      The application process for Redwood Honor Society is automatic
    and no longer required and the school service requirement
    has been eliminated. Students qualifying for Honor Society
    will be notified via email.

    RHS Qualifications
    You may check for a listing of all your CSF
    and Honor Society memberships in
    the ESchool Plus Home Access Center
    under Grades then Test Scores