• Our Tam Counseling Team values Community, Equity, and Student Centered service in support of students' social, emotional, academic, and future wellbeing. Our covid cohorts have had very unique experiences and we've learned a lot about resilience, adaptability, and the importance of human connection.  As always, we want to encourage students to find the right balance for your individual situation, seek support when needed, and be kind to yourselves as we continue to move forward through sometimes overwhelming and unpredictable circumstances.  Ask your questions, do your best, and be kind to yourselves - we are committed to meeting the needs of our students as best as possible as we navigate our evolving new realities together. 


  • WELCOME to the 2023-2024 school year! Your Tam Counseling Team is looking forward to a great and dynamic new year.  We are excited to welcome Ms. Ginsberg back to our Tam Counseling Team! She is stepping back into her original caseload at the end of the alphabet and really happy to be back at Tam. We wish Mr. Robinson the best as he moves on to the Dean position at Redwood High School.

    **Please note that Ms. Couto is not at Tam on Wednesdays and Ms. Pula does not work on Fridays.

    **You can make an appointment with your counselor via the QR codes posted around campus, including on the counseling office door, as well as our Appointments Page.

    **We hope you're excited about making new friends, trying new things, and of course learning from our wonderful Tam teachers!

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