• Dear TUHSD Community,


    I am reaching out to provide some resources for remote learning while TUHSD schools are closed.  Navigating the challenges that come with slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) will require us to support each other with compassion and understanding.  I have full confidence that our community will rise to the occasion, as it has many times before.


    We have developed a Remote Learning web page, linked here. It is also linked to the front page of our District Website. The Remote Learning page contains information on Online Learning Resources, Health & Wellbeing, COVID-19 Information, and Nutritional Support during school closure. Please take a moment to review the site and resources included. 


    Here are a few recommendations for continuity of learning at home. 

    • Daily Schedule: Students should maintain the same daily schedule as if they were in school. Therefore, if a student has English class during 1st period, they should work on assignments and activities for English class during that same time at home. This will provide a sense of continuity and order. 

    oRedwood Bell Schedule 

    oSan Andreas Bell Schedule  

    oSir Francis Drake Bell Schedule 

    oTamalpais Bell Schedule 

    oTamiscal Bell Schedule

    • Be Sure to Move: It is highly recommended that students get some exercise, outdoors if safely possible, each day. 
    • Defined Learning Space: If possible, carve out a defined learning space that can be used for completing school work. 
    • Reach Out: If you have questions or need further instruction, please email your teachers as soon as possible.
    • Continue to Collaborate: Collaboration fosters learning and eases the sense of isolation. Form a virtual study group with friends through Google Hangout or other meeting apps.



    • During the school closure period, the following steps will be taken:
      • Teachers will email assignments and instructions for learning activities to students via eschoolPLUS 
      • Many teachers will be using platforms such as Google Classroom to continue to provide instruction
      • Teachers and Counselors will respond to student emails sent during regular school hours.
      • Students are expected to complete all assignments provided by teachers during the closure.


    Special Education Services

    • Services for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) will continue, to the extent possible, during the closure period. Parents/guardians of students with IEPs will be contacted by their student’s Case Manager, by the end of the day on Monday, March 16, with an outline of their student’s plan for closure period.



    • We will provide updates via email and posts on the TUHSD website as needed during the closure.  We will send a communication by 4pm on Friday, March 27th regarding the reopening of schools on Monday, March 30th.


    Social Distancing

    Social distancing brings a unique set of challenges, particularly for teenagers who are used to high levels of socialization at school. While we haven’t received direct guidance on social distancing, the CDC recommends that we attempt to keep 6 feet between ourselves and non-family members and not gather in groups. It is important to note that while COVID-19 does not appear to make young people as sick as those in other age groups, young people do contract and can spread the virus. For our community wellbeing, I strongly encourage us all to maintain social distancing practices. 


    The irony of the need for social distancing at a time when we need each other the most is not lost on me. The District is here to provide support to all of our families, to the best of our ability, during this highly unusual and unsettling time. 


    Thank you,

    Tara Taupier | Superintendent

    Tamalpais Union High School District