• Thank you for your patience, input, and involvement with our name change at HS 1327/Drake.  We understand this has been a long process, but we believe it is important to take the steps needed to gather information, listen to all the members of our community, and follow the process we have set to guide us through each step.


    Part of this process is to be inclusive of certain groups in our community that need to have their voice heard to ensure we are not further minoritizing members of our community. To this end, we are grateful for both the Coast Miwok Tribal Council of Marin and the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria for their guidance and insights into possible names. The aid from both groups has provided us with learning that we embrace as an educational community. It is for this reason, that the DLC/Site Council has decided to not consider the nominated name, Olema Trail. The representatives of the Tribal Government do not support the use of a Miwok name or word as part of a school name at this time. They invited us to enter into consultation if we wished to use an indiginous or tribal name for our school. We are grateful for their insights and will respect the request. The Site Council decided on Friday not to pursue an indiginous name for the school.


    The next DLC/Site Council meeting will be April 22, 2021.