Racial equity for students in Marin will be achieved when race and ethnicity no longer predict the outcome of a young person's educational future.    As a Marin Promise Partner, our organization commits to identify and dismantle racial inequities, and to provide equity-based supports, so that our most vulnarable children can achieve their full potential. 

    -Adopted by the Leadership Council of Marin Promise Partnership April 2019 

    Racial Equity Task Force 

    Racial Equity Task Force Application

    Racial Equity Listening Session FAQ

    The Success Network Report 2017-2020 

    Racial Equity Resources


    August 5th Racial Equity Forum recording

    September 2nd Racial Equity Forum recording


    Equity Vision and Non-negotiables (developed 2017)


    Staff, students and families will report feeling a part of a trusting, inclusive community that values multiple perspectives. This learning community will eliminate the predictability of student access and outcomes based on race or socioeconomic status.


    Equity Non-negotiables:

    We believe that...

    • The success of all students is our individual and collective responsibility 
    • Instructional practices can mitigate the impact of any external factors on achievement
    • Equity is a personal and professional journey
    • All people can grow and learn
    • Racism is endemic in our society and our systems and it is our responsibility to be actively anti-racist

    In light of our beliefs, we will...

    • Hold high expectations for all staff, students and families
    • Disrupt and illiminate racist policies and practices
    • Build trusting relationships among all stakeholders through engagement, honesty and learning other perspectives
    • Use data to measure our progress and inform our practices on eliminating our opportunity  gaps
    • Continuously develop our collective capacity around equity and anti-racist leadership
    • Provide culturally-relevant curriculum and engage in culturally-responsive practices
    • Develop the cultural proficiency of all stakeholders