• Dual Sport Form (link)

    Dual-Sport Participation Proposal 

    Rationale: The Marin County Athletic League has held a long-standing policy that has not allowed for dual sport participation within the same season, despite the fact that there is no rule against it in the North Coast Section.  Currently the new CIF calendar has placed multiple sports within the same season.  Students, who were able to play soccer and baseball in the respective winter and spring seasons, now are being forced to choose between the two sports as they have been placed within the same spring season for the 20-21 school year.  We have witnessed COVID-19 take away the spring season of sport, and now with the new calendar the threat to lose another season for many student athletes is upon us. These students have dealt with uncontrollable circumstances once; the League should do all it can to not have them suffer again from something out of their control. Dual sport participation will allow students who have the talents, abilities, maturity and desire to contribute to more than one team in a particular athletic season.  This would benefit both teams and for smaller enrolled schools it could allow them to boost their already struggling numbers. 


    1. Students are allowed to participate in two co-curricular sports activities during the same season. Students wishing to participate in two sports during the same season will need to obtain a request form from the athletic director and follow the guidelines set down by the athletic department involving dual sport participation.
    2. Students are not allowed to participate in “open gyms” as well as other non-school competitions in another sport, on the same day they are participating in a school-sponsored co-curricular sports activity without permission from the head coach of the sport in which they are currently participating and the athletic director. 


    1. A student who wishes to participate in two sports during the same season must designate a primary sport before the beginning of the first appointed date of practice set by NCS for the season of participation. 
    2. A primary sport is defined as the sport, which takes precedence over another sport, in the event there is a conflict of schedule or any other matter that could lead to a conflict. The student must adhere to the primary sport in the event of any and all conflicts of schedule. If one sport has a contest and the other has practice, the contest will take precedence. 
    3. The student must practice in both sports but the amount of practice time must meet the agreed requirements of the head coaches of those sports involved. 
    4. Approval may be denied because of academic concerns at any time during the sport season. The athlete then will participate in the primary sport only. 
    5. The student and parents or legal guardians, must sign a contract of dual-sport participation before the first practice session he or she attends. 
    6. In the event that a student is disciplined for any infraction in a specific sport, the consequence will also be applied to the second sport in the season of dual participation. For example-Student A is suspended 25% of a season for drug use. That suspension is to be served for both the primary sport and non-priority sport. 


    1. The High School Athletic Director and the High School Principal will serve in the capacity of advisors and final judgments on matters concerning dual-sports participation.