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    Title IX - Confidential Report Form

    You may submit a confidential report of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment or sexual violence, by using this form. Fill in the information requested below, to the best of your ability, and click the blue SUBMIT button when you are finished. This information will be received confidentially by the District’s Title IX Coordinators, Dr. Tara Taupier, Superintendent, and Wesley Cedros, Sr. Director of Student Services. They are the employees responsible for handling reports or complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence. You may contact either coordinator confidentially via email or phone: Wesley Cedros - wcedros@tamdistrict.org or phone (415) 945-1012 Tara Taupier - ttaupier@tamdistrict.org or by phone at (415) 945-1020 Once the District Title IX Coordinators receive your confidential report, they will start an investigation and contact you within 10 days, if you have requested to be contacted and if you have provided your contact information in the