Tamiscal Recruitment

  • Tamiscal Recruitment Communication 2021

    Dear TUHSD community,

    I am reaching out about an opportunity for TUHSD students to attend Tamiscal High School starting in the Fall of 2021 in our independent study program.

    Tamiscal is a small alternative high school in Larkspur, founded in 1990 and currently houses three programs on campus. Please review the attached flyer for more information about our school and Q/A around the independent study program.  Please know, we are past the deadline for our Pathways program for Fall 2021 and are processing applications now.  

    Here are some of the highlights of our Independent Study program:

    • College-prep academic classes
    • Small classes and personalized learning experiences (all classes under 15 total students) 
    • Positive school culture and climate
    • Caring and flexible teachers and staff
    • Less time in class, and more time working independently on your own
    • Extra support provided on campus in our learning center (supervised independent study)

    Tamiscal is a best fit for:

    • Students who can work successfully on an independent basis in a less structured environment (5 hours/class/week required)
    • Students who prefer a small school setting
    • Students who have unique academic, social, extra-curricular, or medical needs
    • Students who want a flexible schedule

    Tamiscal students must take at least 4 classes with us and this is what a sample schedule might look like for 9th or 11th grade students (as an example). 

    Tamiscal’s IS program accepts students 4 times per year and the process begins with enrollment in your home school and a referral from the counselor at your schoolTo start this process, set up a meeting with the counselor at your district school. Students coming in as 9th graders or from private schools can reach out directly to Tamiscal’s counselor, Grace Aviles (gaviles@tamdistrict.org).  After the referral is received, we will conduct a 30-minute intake meeting in May/June to determine fit and to go over a schedule together.  

    Students can complete all of their graduation requirements at Tamiscal but we do have a limited number of elective offerings due to our smaller size.  Additionally, we do not offer honors and AP courses.  Some students choose to expand and deepen their educational experience by co-enrolling