• The Tamalpais District Board members are elected by the community and serve four-year terms. Elections are held every other year in November. Election and candidate information can be found on the County of Marin's website.


    The Board has responsibilities as defined in the Education Code:


    • Establish the educational philosophy

    • Make policy to provide overall guidelines

    • Employ personnel

    • Adopt budget and approve expenditures

    • Set rules and regulations for governing administration and operation of district

    • Adopt curriculum

    • Evaluate the education process


    Compensation and Reimbursement of the Board: Board Bylaws 9250


    2023 Trustee Committee Assignments

    2022-23 Board Meeting Calendar

    2023-24 Board Meeting Calendar


  • Please be advised, communication sent TO a majority of the board members is considered public information and may be made public.  Exceptions include, but are not limited to, items related to litigation, personnel matters, sensitive student matters, or matters that are not within the jurisdiction of the Board.


    Communications FROM the Board of Trustees:


    March 25, 2020 Letter related to School Closure