Dr. Tara Taupier is the Superintendent of the Tamalpais Union High School District as of August 28, 2018. Dr. Taupier serves as the chief educational officer.  On behalf of the district, she implements board policy and is responsible for day-to-day district administration.  The Superintendent oversees five schools, 535 employees, 5,164 students, and a nearly $95 million budget.


    Tam Family Newsletter August 2019


    Superintendent's Statement from the May 28, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting


    Letter of Introduction, August 2018


    Dear TUHSD Community,


    I am immensely grateful to the Board of Trustees for selecting me as the next Tam District superintendent and am excited by the opportunities that lay ahead. The current school year marks my 17th in the District and 23rd as an educator. In the fall of 1995, as a year one teacher, I did not think I would ever hold this seat, but I am so glad this is where the journey has led.


    The ambition of our District (TUHSD) is to prepare each of our students to be successful in the college and/or career of their choice and equip them with the skills and dispositions necessary to achieve their aspirations. Additionally, we will achieve these ambitions in an environment that emphasizes true compassion for individual student needs and the physical and emotional safety of everyone in our school community. 


    As I transition into the role of Superintendent, I am excited by the existing foundation of excellent teaching and learning in the District. I am also keenly aware of the very real challenges TUHSD is facing, including enrollment growth that has outpaced funding, structural deficit spending, and persistent achievement and opportunity gaps among our student groups. Addressing these issues will require collaboration and student-centered decision-making involving all stakeholders.


    Below, I share with you the core values and beliefs that are foundational to my work. As your new superintendent, I believe it is critical to clearly state where, and for what, I stand.

    • Inclusion: I believe all students and adults have assets that they bring to our learning community environment and that it is our collective job to uncover those and amplify them. Students and adults succeed best when they feel included and valued.
    • Equity: All students can learn at high levels given proper time and support. Some students may need more support and time than others and we must provide the appropriate resources in order to disrupt current patterns of achievement.
    • Continuous Improvement: In order to be successful in achieving our goals, I seek and accept feedback, reflect on my practices, and make adjustments based on the information provided. It is important for the Superintendent to model the habits of continuous improvement.
    • Collaboration: True collaboration engenders high levels of trust and efficiency. Learning is a social process and we learn best when doing so with others. For a school district to operate at its fullest capacity, leadership and decision-making must be shared.
    • Caring: To best prepare students to enter into society as positive, engaged participants, we must model empathy and compassion for others.


    For every decision I make, I lean on these values and beliefs and I wholeheartedly believe I have a team of educational leaders at the district office, at the school sites, in the classrooms and representing our bargaining units who do so, as well.


    There is excellent work occurring in the Tam District and I look forward to building upon that through collaboration with the Board, staff, students, parents and community members. My intention is to ensure Tam District continues to exemplify high standards in an inclusive and welcoming environment.



    Tara Taupier, Ed. D.


    Tamalpais Union High School District


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    Tara Taupier, Ed.D.
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    Executive Assistant: Mary O'Leary
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    Title I, IV, & IX Coordinator:

    Tara Taupier
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