About Mr. Lovelady

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    26th Year at Redwood

    Honors Biomed (Period 1) 

    Living Earth (Periods 2-5)
    Chemistry In The Earth Systems (Period 7)

    Availability Outside Class Time

    • Tue & Thu During SMaRT Period
    • Outside the bell schedule by appointment

    Contact Information

    Email: slovelady@tamdistrict.org

    Website: https://www.tamdistrict.org/slovelady

    Telephone: (415) 945-3650

Access To Courses Online

  • Honors Biomed (for parent access)

    Living Earth (for parent access)

    Students enrolled in my Canvas classes
    should sign in HERE

    Chemistry (in Google Classroom)
    Google Classrom does not allow open access online.
    Guardians may request guardian email summaries.
    See HERE for a description.
    Guardians wishing to receive email summaries
    need only email the teacher and request an invite.