THE MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT is responsible for managing, improving and maintaining all aspects of the district’s buildings, athletic fields, and other district facilities and property, including;

    • Prepares and administers the Deferred Maintenance Program
    • Administers and monitors all district safety programs
    • Manages inventory and disposal of all district hazardous materials
    • Manages the disposal of district surplus property
    • Manages district water use
    • Maintains all district vehicles

    The department uses an electronic system for all communication regarding work order requests.

    Redwood HS
    Redwood HS
    Redwood HS

    Tel (415) 945-3717
    Fax (415) 945-1003

    David O'Connor
    - Tel: 415-945-1060
    - Email: doconnor@tamdistrict.org

    Administrative Secretary
    Laura Ibanez
    - Tel: 415-945-3717
    - Email: libanez@tamdistrict.org