About Our District

  • The Tamalpais Union High School District is an extremely high performing district in a very active, supportive, and educated community.  Currently 4,846 students are served in three comprehensive high schools and two alternative programs. In addition, the Adult and Community Education courses attract hundreds of community members each year. The Cities included in the District are listed under Cities in TUHSD below.

    The staff of the District is highly trained, talented, and dedicated to their professions. Students have access to a wide range of programs and courses and perform well above the state and national averages on standardized assessments. Graduates are readily accepted into colleges and universities around the country. Our schools have been recipients of numerous awards, including California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School.

Mission Statement

  • Mission: Tamalpais Union High School District is committed to educating students to be critical thinkers who are caring, collaborative, and knowledgeable community members. Our students will work to improve a diverse and dynamic society. 


    Vision: Staff, students and families will report feeling a part of a trusting, inclusive community that values multiple perspectives. This learning community will eliminate the predictability of student access and outcomes based on race or socioeconomic status.


    Graduate Profile: By the end of their educational experience, TUHSD students will have developed the skills and dispositions listed in the TUHSD Graduate Profile. 



  • BY CITY:

    Bolinas (94924) - Tamalpais
    Belvedere (94920) - Redwood
    Corte Madera (94925) - Redwood
    Fairfax (94930) - Archie Williams
    Forest Knolls (94933) - Archie Williams
    Greenbrae (94904) - Redwood
    Kentfield (94904) - Redwood
    Lagunitas (94938) - Archie Williams
    Larkspur (94939)* - Redwood
    Marin City (94965) - Tamalpais
    Mill Valley (94941) - Tamalpais
    Nicasio (94946) - Archie Williams
    Ross (94957) - Redwood
    San Anselmo (94960) - Archie Williams
    San Geronimo (94963) - Archie Williams
    Sausalito (94965) - Tamalpais
    Stinson Beach (94970) - Tamalpais
    Tiburon (94920) - Redwood
    Woodacre (94973) - Archie Williams


    94904 - Redwood
    94920 - Redwood
    94924 - Tamalpais
    94925 - Redwood
    94930 - Archie Williams
    94933 - Archie Williams
    94938 - Archie Williams
    94939* - Redwood
    94941 - Tamalpais
    94946 - Archie Williams
    94957 - Redwood
    94960 - Archie Williams
    94963 - Archie Williams
    94965 - Tamalpais
    94970 - Tamalpais
    94973 - Archie Williams


    *with the exception of Larkspur Landing - street names are Lincoln Village Circle and Old Quarry Road. THIS AREA IS IN THE SAN RAFAEL DISTRICT


  • Requests by members of the public for access to District records are governed by BP/AR 1340 which list those records to which the public shall have access and those records which are confidential and to which the public therefore does not have access.

    Board Policy (BP) 1340 related to CPRAs

    Administrative Regulation (AR) 1340 related to CPRAs