• Welcome to the Drake Math Department!
    The Drake Math Department is committed to offering students rigorous and relevant mathematics for all levels of learners.  Teachers use a wide variety of strategies and offer a variety of projects to engage learning. 
    Calculator Shopping?  It is helpful if all students have at least a SCIENTIFIC calculator.  If you are enrolled in Algebra, Geometry, or Intermediate Algebra, a SCIENTIFIC calculator is sufficient.  For Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics, and AP Statistics, a graphing calculator is strongly recommended.  Class sets will be used for instruction at school, but many students benefit from having their own.  We use and recommend the Texas Instruments models TI-84+ Silver Edition for new purchases, but other models are adequate. 
     What supplies are needed for math class? As stated above, calculators are needed in all courses.  For supplies other than pencils, lined paper, graph paper, and erasers, ask your math teacher in the fall.  Popular supplies are rulers (in inches and centimeters), as well as small protractors and sturdy compasses for Geometry.
     Are you ready for a challenging math course in the fall?  If you are enrolling in Geometry, Advanced Algebra, or Precalculus, you may benefit from a review of some of the major topics in Algebra and/or Geometry.  Teachers typically assess these skills at the beginning of those courses, and a schedule change may be necessary if you have not retained enough of the content from your previous course.