• MEMBERS of the Board of Trustees

    Elected Members 

    Leslie (Lundgren) Harlander (2020-2024)
    Cynthia Roenisch (2018-2022)
    Dan Oppenheim (2018-2022)
    Kevin Saavedra (2018-2022)
    Karen Loebbaka (2020-2024)


    Student Members (2020-2021)

    Tamalpais               Lily Pashman
    HS 1327                  Anya Bodine-McCoy
    Tamiscal                  Charlie Boyden
    San Andreas           Natasha Stone
    Redwood                 Emily Fee 

     Committee Assignments for 2020.

     Flyer for Board of Trustee Candidates Forum on September 23, 2020, sponsored by the Marin League of Women Voters.

    In case you missed it ---  here is a recording of the forum with the five candidates for TUHSD school board.

    On November 3, 2020, Board member Leslie Harlander was elected for a second term, from December 2020-2024.  Karen Loebbaka, appointed in July 2019, was also elected for the 2020-24 term.